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Fidel Castro Was Shown a Captured Alien Spacecraft and the Corpse of Its Pilot at Russian Base

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Jorge Martín By Jorge Martín
Enigmas del Milenio
     In March 29, 2012 former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro issued another one of his written "Reflections', entitled "The need to enrich our knowledge."

In the letter, he discussed several issues related to the dangers for the survival of humankind posed by the current warmongering race that some of the world powers are enforcing, and how the bearers of these actions tend to be characters who suffer from a lack of culture and / or knowledge.

Given the above, he said a key factor in achieving a high degree of awareness is to obtain the highest possible degree of enrichment of our knowledge.

He discussed some of the current geo-political problems, but suddenly interjected into another subject, the possibility of extraterrestrial life in the universe around us.

About it he said: "When Pope John Paul II visited the country (Cuba) in 1998, more than once before his arrival I talked about various issues with some of his helpers.

"I particularly remember the time when we sat down to dinner in a small room of the Palace of the Revolution with Joaquín Navarro Valls, spokesman of the Pope, sitting across from me. To the right was a kind and intelligent priest that came with the Speaker and accompanied John Paul II at the Masses.

"Curious about the details, I asked Navarro Valls 'Do you think that the immense sky with millions of stars was made for the delight of the inhabitants of the Earth when we deign to look up some nights?' 'Absolutely'- he said. It is the only inhabited planet in the Universe '.

"I turned then to the priest and said, 'What do you think of that father?' He responded:" I think there is a 99.9 percent chance that there is intelligent life on other planets '.

“The answer does not violate any religious principle. Multiplied mentally, who knows how many times the figure, it was the kind of answer I would consider correct.

"After that, that noble priest was always friendly to our country. To share friendship you do not have to share the beliefs.

"Today Thursday, as occurs with increasing frequency, an European entity with knowledge published an article on the subject which reads, verbatim: “There could be thousands of millions of planets not much larger than Earth orbiting faint stars in our galaxy, according to an international team of astronomers.

"The estimated number of 'super-Earths"-planets with up to ten times the mass of the Earth is based on discoveries already made and then extrapolated to include the population of so-called' dwarf stars' of the Milky Way.

"Our new observations show that about 40% of red dwarf stars have a 'super-Earth" orbiting in their habitable zone, in which there may be liquid water on the surface of the planet”, said Xabier Bonfills, head of the team of Sciences of the Universe Observatory of Grenoble, France.

"Because red dwarfs are so common, there are about 160,000 million of them in the Milky Way, this leads to the surprising results that there are tens of million of these planets in our galaxy alone."

"His studies suggest that there are 'super-Earths' in habitable zones in 41% of cases, ranging from 28 to 95%.

"40% of red dwarf stars have a 'super-Earth" orbiting in the habitable zone, where water can exist in liquid form. "

"That leads to the obvious question as to whether any of these planets is not only habitable, but has life."

"But these stars are given to stellar flares, which can bathe nearby planets with X rays or ultraviolet radiation, which may make less likely the existence of life.

"We have now to find traces of life on those planets," said The researcher from the Observatory of Genoa, Stephane Udry.

"If we can see traces of elements related to life such as oxygen in that light, then we could obtain evidence on whether there is life on the planet. '"

"A plain reading of these reports demonstrates the possibility and necessity to enhance our knowledge, enrich it, knowledge now fragmented and dispersed.

"We may take positions critical of the superficiality with which we address both cultural and material problems. I do not doubt our world is changing much more rapidly than we can imagine."

That much is written by Castro in his reflection, but what he discussed in it opened to us a door to reveal an important information we had known for some time, which due to personal considerations we had not published, until now.

More About the Meeting with John Paul II... and an Area 51 in Russia

In year 2002 the renowned Cuban filmmaker Octavio Cortázar visited Puerto Rico in order to participate in the San Juan Cinemafest (International Film Festival). Knowing our journalisic expertise in the field of UFO research in Puerto Rico, he called us at the editorial offices of our magazine ENIGMAS del Milenio, asking to meet with us. We met and he gave us a copy of the first documentary ever made in Cuba about the UFO topic, of which he had been co-producer.

The documentary, entitled "UFOs in Cuba" is an excellent production that seriously and responsibly reports the very interesting UFO incidence of the island of Cuba.

Cortázar was Vice President of the prestigious UNEAC (the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), and founder of the International School of Film and Television of Cuba, due to this, he was very respected in his professional field, both in Cuba and abroad.

Octavio Cortázar (left) and myself (right)
During our conversation we exchanged information on UFO cases from our respective countries, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and he revealed to us something very important that had come to his knowledge due to his position of trust as vice director of the UNEAC.

He said that besides Fidel Castro meeting with the Speaker of the Vatican and other aidees he had also discussed the issue of extraterrestrial life with Pope John Paul II himself when he visited Cuba in 1998.

According to Cortázar, Castro asked John Paul II what he thought about the possibility that man was not alone in the universe, and the Pope would have said that the probability of life beyond Earth was a fact.

They also discussed a wide range of data, even related to the observations of so-called Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs.

We conducted a recorded interview with Cortázar and played the recording in our radio show 'UFO Evidence', on radio station NotiUno, excluding the details related to the meeting between John Paul II and Fidel Castro and their talk about extraterrestrial life, as Cortázar said he preferred it to be Castro himself who eventually revealed the fact.

Pope John Paul II and Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro greets Pope 
John Paul II during his visit to Cuba in 1998

We agreed not to publish anything about it until the right time to do it arrived, and now, with what was said by Castro in his reflection, we feel free to do so.

But what is it that provokes Castro's interest in the subject of extraterrestrial life?

Another information offered to us later, which came to from sources we consider irrefutable, gave us the answer to that question.

Castro Saw an Alien Spaceship and the Corpse of its Pilot

Later, during the celebration of the Puerto Rico Books Fair in San Juan, we presented our book 'Vieques: Caribbean UFO Cover-Up of the Third Kind', which deals on an apparent UFO / alien secret program the US NAVY had been involved with in the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of the Puerto Rican archipelago.

Mrs. Providencia 'Pupa' Trabal and Jorge Martín
Mrs. Providencia (Pupa) Trabal & Jorge Martin
Among other authors who were presenting their books at the fair was Attorney Juan Mari Brás, a well known pro Puerto Rico independence leader and socialist, accompanied by Mrs. Providencia (Pupa) Trabal, another well-known and highly respected pro independence leader, who was very close to him and his family.

Juan Mari Brás
Juan Mari Brás
While talking with her about the content of our book, she revealed a series of UFO / alien experiences that she and her family had had, and suddenly she said, "You know something? Juan Mari Brás has important information about this matter that was given to him by Fidel Castro. "

Listening that struck us. ¿Fidel Castro talked to attorney Mari Brás about the UFO matter?

Cuban authorities have always been very frugal at official level about the UFO situation, and to hear that Fidel Castro had personally given Juan Mari Brás information on the matter demanded us knowing more about it.

What did Castro say to Mari Brás?, I asked Mrs. Trabal "Well -she said-, on one ocassion we were talking and the UFO subject came up, I do not recall why, and Juan, though many do not know it, was very interested in the subject, and told us that during one of the meetings he had had in Cuba with Fidel Castro, Fidel had told him something important.

"He said that years before the fall of the Soviet Union, Fidel had traveled to Russia and the Soviet authorities had taken him to a military base in which there was a special laboratory, and they showed him there a UFO, a spaceship, a disk they had captured, and the body of a tall extraterrestrial being, that they kept preserved in a special box-like machine (a cryogenic freezer?)."

'This is very important. It is the first time this information is known’, we told the lady.

"I'm aware of that -she said-, and Juan had not spoken before about this, I think that because he thought Castro had told him this in confidence. But the fact is that he told us about it. And we believed Juan, because he is a person of great integrity, and would not say something like this if it was not true, and mostly if it had to do with Fidel Castro, who was his personal friend and for whom he felt great respect.

"I remember that he also told us that the Russians told Castro that they knew the Americans had a similar lab, a research center, with crafts and alien bodies," said Mrs. Trabal finally.

Later, we talked with Atty. Juan Mari Brás and asked him about what the Russians had revealed to Fidel Castro during his visit to the Soviet Union pertaining to the extraterrestrial spacecraft and the corpse of its pilot at the military base, and although he implied it was true, he would not elaborate more on the matter.

Today, with the statements made by Castro in his ‘Reflection,’ we are publishing this information as an exclusive revelation.

¿Plasetsk or Kapushtin Yar?

One question remains; which one was the military base Fidel Castro was taken to by the Soviet authorities, where he saw both the spaceship and the alien's corpse?

Recent reports have arisen independently talking about Area 51 type facilities in Russia, secret research similar to the one allegedly existing in Nevada, USA, where the USA Government allegedly keeps several alien spacecrafts recovered and / or captured, that are being studied to copy their advanced technology, as well as preserved alien corpses in special freezer-containers, for the purpose of examination, among other things.

One of the alleged Russian centers of this kind would be located in the Plasetsk Missile Testing Ground, located in northern Russia, which, 'coincidentally' for many years has been subjected to persistent surveillance by alien crafts.
This has been documented in many official reports, photographs and footage obtained by Russian military authorities.

Under these lines we are showing clear evidence of this, a photo taken by officers Ghenadi Korniev and Vassili Zaitsev on January 5, 1992 at the Plasetsk missile center, in which two disc-shaped UFOs can be observed hovering over the place.

The other center would be in the base of Kapushtin Yar, located in the region of Zhiktur in Astrakhan, Volgograd, in which there allegedly are several large hangars and an underground facility with several floors, in which Russian scientists would be conducting studies on the technology of captured and crashed alien spacecrafts in the territory of the former Soviet Union and actual Confederacy of Independent States, that were recovered by Russian military forces.

Allegedly, this is the main Area 51 type facility in Russia.

Under these lines we are showing a sketch with data on some of the extraterrestrial spacecrafts that the Russian Government keeps at this research center, made by a confidential Russian source, which was delivered to Italian journalist and UFO researcher Constantino Paglialunga in 1997.

UFOs in Plasetsk

Above: Illustration given to italian journalist Constantino Paglialunga
by a confidential source with the description of some of the alien crafts that were being examined by Russian scientists at the Kapushtin Yar center.

Map of Russia

It is very possible that the place visited by Fidel Castro, where he saw both the alien spaceship and the alien corpse, was the center in Kapushtin Yar, but this will not be known with certainty until the Cuban leader decides to talk about it.

As former President Fidel Castro opened the door with his recent reflection for the discussion on the topic of extraterrestrial life; would he now reveal, in his own words, the reality of extraterrestrial life visiting us, of which he personally saw evidence during his trip to Russia?

In our view, it would be a great contribution to mankind, as such knowledge would help us to effect a change in our collective consciousness, and perhaps, as a result of that, we would deviate from the path of self destruction in which we currently are.

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