Thursday, May 03, 2012

Flying Saucer Fiziks II: A Rebuttal By Tim Printy

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By Tim Printy
May-June 2012
     Recently, Stanton Friedman wrote an article on The UFO Chronicles blog, where he declared that I was an irrational, uninformed, ignorant debunker! This had a lot to do with him reading a four-year old article I wrote called “The UFO disclosure myth”.

For some peculiar reason, Mr. Friedman took offense at my portrayal of his “cosmic Watergate” story. Of course, he uses the epithet of debunker to describe me. I don’t mind being called a debunker because, according to the dictionary, it means that I am exposing false claims. However, Mr. Friedman uses it as an ad hominem. It is a UFOlogical insult meant to demonize an individual. This is nothing new for some UFOlogists and appears to be standard operating procedure (SOP) for Mr. Friedman. . . .


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