Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Silver Bug – The Top Secret Project to Build Flying Saucers

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By Dennis Dufrene

     During the 1940s, and well into the 1950s, the United States Air Force was designing and testing a series of saucer shaped aircraft.

The flying saucers themselves, sometimes called the “Avrocar”, is believed to have been first researched by the Nazis during World War II.

During the war, saucer-shaped, vertical take-off aircraft was clearly being researched by both the Axis and the Allies. However, when World War II ended in 1945, America absorbed many of the German scientists into their own programs.

It was also around this time when programs focused on researching saucer-shaped aircraft went “Black.” One such program was Project Silver Bug.

Saucer-shaped or disc-shaped aircraft was no stranger to the U.S. military. . . .

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