Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent Finding of 'Star Jelly' By Hikers, Reveals Reports Going Back for Centuries

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star jelly

Lake District is hit by The Blob
Mysterious puddles of jelly baffle fell walkers

The Sun
HIKERS in the Lake District have been left baffled after the famous fells were invaded by THE BLOB.

     Strange piles of translucent jelly measuring a foot wide have been spotted near Patterdale, just south of Ullswater.

It is thought the mysterious substance is "Star Jelly", which has left scientists bewildered for centuries.

Reports of it date back to the 14th century and there was a reported sighting in 2009 in Scotland and last year in Norfolk.

Old folklore tales reckon it is left over from meteor showers. Other theories say it is the remains of frogs, toads or worms, but there has never been a conclusive explanation.

An incident in 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when four cops found a huge disk of quivering jelly measuring 6ft in diameter inspired the horror film The Blob. . . .

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