Thursday, December 08, 2011

Petitions, UFO's & Disclosure

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Andrew Ackerley
By Andrew Ackerley

     Over here in the U.K. I've been following with interest, the progress of the 'We the people' petitions, regarding E.T. disclosure in the U.S.

I'm an ex ad man, with over 25 years of hands on experience, in marketing & communications. Most of that time was spent, at top London agencies &/or their subsidiaries, at JWT, Saatchis, Publicis & O&M.

I must admit that when I read the wording of the first White House petition, it made me cringe with embarrassment, given that the UFO phenomenon, is now so undeniable & may turn out to be, a very big threat indeed. The wording of the petition smacks of a continuing mistrust in your government & the military. It's plainly targeted at getting the Obama administration to confess to alien contact & admit some kind of conspiracy that quite probably, harps back to the days of Roswell.

Call me simplistic if you like, but it seems to me, that the responsibility of the people today, must be first to get the Obama administration to disclose the current UFO presence & then to focus on any threat, that they may bring.

I can only think the first petition was pitched the way it was, in some forlorn hope & expectation that an admission by the administration, would provide a sensational & entertaining media scenario, from which money could be made from book sales! The fact is, that the content & tone of the Paradigm petition, sounded so much like witchcraft & hocus-pocus, that The White House, has snatched the opportunity
in their response, to finally nail the old 'alien/conspiracy' chestnut, forever! And who can can blame them for it, given they were offered such a glorious opportunity, on a plate! They must have clapped like seals, when they first got sight of the petition.

Whilst all this historic, catharsis effort has been going on, the more important & immediate threat of the UFOs there in our skies today, continues to be overlooked.

I guess from now on, we all need to promote the UFO issue more urgently, in order to meet the immediate challenge. The goalposts for E.T., must surely move, from now on.

To that end, those people who have taken the time to read my recent sighting report in 'The UFO Chronicles', will know why we are getting increasingly concerned, about the growing number of UFO sightings, here in The U.K. They've been intruding into our airspace this summer, buzzing flight paths & busy airport stacking circuits. What's more, they've been doing so, in big numbers. In fact, they seem to have been using my own backyard here in Sussex, like a personal airport, just coming & going, as they please. This is not another conjured illusion, it's actually been happening, right here, on the picturesque, Sussex Weald.

Now, we can all continue the long & nebulous debates about the merits of individual UFO sightings across The World or we can accept that many are true & start putting our heads together to get something done about it! I would certainly vote for the latter. After all, many of us, have the future security of our children & grandchildren, to consider, & I for one, don't intend, to let them down.

Disclosure petitions, are all good & well but involve a lot of time & talking, & so far, they seem to have got us nowhere!

I understand that yet another two E.T. petitions, have now been posted on The White House website & that signatures to each, will now need to reach 25,000, before The White House will be prepared to respond.

It will be interesting to see, if either of them, ever get to reach this increased threshold, within the timescale? The fact that there are now two petitions up there together, may lead to confusion & possible cannibalization, of each others signatures!

The urgent way ahead now, must be for an organization such as MUFON, to canvass the support of congressmen, representatives & the military. UFO's should not be about making book deals, they're about public safety.

If I've read the opinion polls correctly, then I believe that over half the U.S. population, already believe in an E.T. presence. If MUFON were to hire in some top-notch PR professionals, they would then have the means to canvass congressmen & the like, & begin to convert the huge amount of public recognition in E.T. into an open debate about the current UFO presence, & therby, begin to circumvent the current hiatus & reluctance of both The White House & the military, to disclose & discuss the UFO phenomenon. When the issue is firmly on the table, the media will no doubt amplify it's 'noise' considerably & The White House & the military will be placed under increasing pressure, to recognising the mood of the nation & in turn, begin to open up on the whole UFO issue & make it an urgent concern & priority.

My best guess is that the U.S. 'powers that be', are fully aware of the increasing UFO presence in our skies today & they are reviewing it's status, as & when, intelligence comes their way. I also think that they may well have the interests of your nation at heart but don't wish to drive people to panic the & perhaps even more importantly, send the U.S. & worldwide economies, into a meltdown.
The stakes on making UFO intelligence public, are very
high indeed!

Although we do need to 'up the ante', on this one, we also need to tread very carefully, on this delicate issue.

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