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MY UFO EXPERIENCE | UFO Fleet Seen at Freckley Hollow

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Editors Note: This case is currently under investigation; if you or anyone you know witnessed the event as described below, please contact us here at The UFO Chronicles–FW

     On Saturday the 2nd July, my wife Angela & I were returning by car to our home in Bexhill, following a family visit to Kent. On the way back, at around 10.40pm, we passed through the small Wealden village of Catsfield. Shortly after leaving the village, we drove over the brow of a low hill before the road then decended into a shallow valley. As we came down the hill, my wife was first to notice, a large group of very bright, circular lights, which were hovering at various levels, across the night sky. They were all further down the hill, to the right hand side of the road.

At first sight, we thought that they may be some very low stars, or perhaps, a huge fleet of search-helicopters or even a large group of hot-air balloons, that may be performing at some kind of late-night event, but as we moved closer & drew alongside them, it soon became obvious that they were a whole fleet of low-flying airships, the like of which, neither of us, had ever seen before.

As we coasted down the hill, their lights were so powerful, that the night air surrounding them, seemed to be illuminated, like some kind of stage-set. The weather conditions that night were clear & still & we could hear no sound emanating from the lights. I slowly brought the car to a standstill, pulling off the road at the entrance of a small lane, leading to a Christmas Tree farm. We got out of the car with our two cameraphones. There, right before us, we could see as many as ten, yellow-tinted, white lights, which were all hovering & manouvering their positions, whilst flying in close proximity to one another.

We could see them all, completely unobscured, at a low level in the sky, not far above, & just behind, four cottages which stood opposite to us, across the road. We were dumbstruck by the controlled & deliberate flying display that was taking place.

During the performance, both of us fumbled around with our cameraphones, trying to grab some pictures, but for some reason, my cameraphone decided to shut down on me, immediatly after my first shot. In the excitement of the moment, I just couldn't seem to be able to get it to re-open again. However, Angela's pictures have still provided us, with some interesting coverage of the event.

Whilst we watched the main group of lights, we became aware of, & even managed to photograph, two further lights rising up from an area of woodland, to the right of the furthest cottage. These lights ascended diagonally to join forces with the main group above them. We then noticed two further lights which were coming directly towards us, following the path of the road from Catsfield. In fact, these second two craft, seemed to be flying so low above the road, that we became quite alarmed & thought we might have to flee the scene, before they reached us. Then to our relief, the two craft veered off to their right & then rose above some trees, again, to join up with the main group.

We estimate that we stood watching this all happen for around 10 minutes or so, until the whole fleet then began to fly away, two at a time. Each duo of ships, accelerated quickly & smoothly, up to what must have been, a considerable speed. We remained there for a while, watching each of the lights, getting smaller & smaller, until eventually becoming tiny specs, before finally disappearing from our view, in the north-western sky.

Naturally, we have since had the time to consider what we saw objectively, & we now bring it to the attention of the relevant authorities. I would add that Angela & I are both in our 50's & so together, we have a considerable knowledge & experience of most man-made things & natural phenomena. Without doubt, what we witnessed on July 2nd was neither ball lightning, nor an electrical lightshow, nor were they satellites, nor were they shooting stars, nor were they civil or military aircraft, nor helicopters, nor Chinese lanterns, nor hot-air balloons. In fact, to get it as wrong as any of these, would be a grave indictment, on our intelligence & judgement.

The manoeuvring & flying skills we watched that night, were both real & deliberate. It was also a totally silent display, which took place, so close to us, that it was impossible to either mistake or misinterpret. What we saw, was unquestionably, a large & quite inexplicable fleet of flying ships, which were showing very bright lights, which seemed to be visible from all directions. These ships were making no attempt to disguise or hide themselves from us. Unfortunately, their very bright lights, made it difficult to record much detail of the ships behind them, especially using wide-angle lenses, on our very small cameraphones. Nevertheless, we think we have still managed to obtain some valuable images, which when worked on by experts, may reveal much more detail. In fact, one shot already gives us some idea of both the shape & colours of one of the craft, whilst another image shows four of the lights hovering directly above the cottage rooftops. In this picture, the lights also seem to be surrounded, by a perfect circle of image noise, which could possibly be, some kind of electronic screen.

All our pictures, still remain in an unadulterated form on our cameraphones, as we have had no wish to plaster them over the internet, nor anywhere else, for that matter. We think the images are best studied & judged by professionals, rather than amateurs, such as ourselves.

What we can say however, is that what we saw was both spectacular & a privilege. At the same time, it was also quite a disturbing thing for us to witness. Although we did become a little worried at one point in the proceedings, at no time were we threatened or harmed in any way. Judging by the two craft that flew along the road towards us, they may well have been, just as interested in us, as we were in them.

Despite all those cottages being opposite & also two or three cars passing right by us, at the scene, to the best of our knowledge & suprise, nobody seems to have reported these Catsfield sightings far, at least! However, we have noticed that there has been another sighting reported on the internet, at the nearby village of Mayfield. Apparently, it took place on the same night as ours, but at the slightly later time of 11.10pm. This may be no coincidence, as Mayfield is about 10 miles North West of Catsfield, which happens to be the same direction, in which our fleet of ships, flew away from the scene.

The East Sussex Weald is not a highly populated area & has no large towns or natural resources. The only thing it does have in abundance, are vast areas of woodland, providing lots of cover. Since our sighting, we have returned to the scene to see it in daylight & take some further pictures. In doing so, we've established that there is a large area of woodland nearby, called Freckley Hollow. It is located next to the fields, directly beneath the sighting & in the same direction from where the two ships rose up diagonally, to join the main fleet.

In addition, we have also noticed on Google Maps, that there are high voltage cables terminating at a pylon in the fields beneath the ships that we were watching. These high tension cables lead up from a local transforming station about two miles distant but well behind our own viewpoint, over the scene. On returning to the site last week, we observed some high flying civil jets crossing the area, which may well be on a flight path in & out of Gatwick Airport, which is some 40 miles distant. If any such flight pattern exists & was in use on July 2nd, then it could just be possible that some flight crew may have also observed the scene.

Finally, I would add that neither my wife Angela nor I, have ever had much interest in either UFOs or any other celestial life. We like to think that we are clear-thinking, logical people, who are naturally sceptical about such matters.

The events of July the 2nd, have turned all our beliefs & perceptions about this, both inside out & upside down.


  1. A fascinating report, though this man's use of commas should be permanently banned.

  2. You know the man that wrote this was brave too write this. I think you Greg St.Pierre complain to much. Enjoy the story. You'll be lucky if you have a wonderful experience such as this.

    Sad some people like to belittle a writer. He's not a professional.Sorry Warren some just angers me.

  3. Wonderful Encounter. Bravo for posting.


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