Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Survey – Participation Requested

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By Kathleen Marden
     Abduction researcher, author and MUFON’s former International Director of Field Investigator Training, Kathleen Marden, and Denise Stoner, Florida MUFON’s Director of Investigations, are collaborating on an abduction experiencer research project.

Our goal is to expand our understanding of the alien abduction phenomenon through the use of two questionnaires.

We, in turn, plan to publish our findings pertaining to little known commonalities among UFO abductees.

The “UFO Abduction Experiencer Survey” lists 45 general multiple choice questions pertaining to experiencers' demographics, abduction memories, psychic phenomena experiences, and physiological responses. Some examples of these questions include the following:
1. Are your abduction memories? Conscious ( ), Through dreams ( ), Through hypnosis ( ) Other ( ) (Please check all that apply.)

2. Are you more or less “sensitive” or intuitive than you were prior to your abduction? More ( ), Less ( ), about the same ( )

3. Have witnesses reported that they observed a UFO near your house, vehicle, tent, etc. prior to or during your abduction? Yes ( ), No ( ) If yes, please explain.

4. Have you awoken with unexplained marks on your body that you suspect are related to an abduction experience? Yes ( ), No ( ) If yes, please describe.

5. Have you ever suffered burns, hair loss, or conjunctivitis following an abduction? Yes ( ), No ( ) If yes, please explain.

6. Following an abduction, did you ever experience malfunctions of electrical equipment such as lights, digital watches, computers, etc? Yes ( ), No ( ) If yes, please explain.
Kathleen Marden requests that abductees/experiencers participate in her “Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Survey” to increase our knowledge of E.T. technology. She has discovered unique, unpublicized information observed by several abductees, but needs to add to her data base. The “Abduction Experiencer E.T. Technology Survey” lists 16 multiple choice and fill-in questions. Some examples of these questions include the following:
1. Were you transported through a solid object such as a wall, window, roof, etc?) Yes ( ), No ( )

2. What bodily sensations did you experience when you were transported from your location to the craft? Please explain.

3. Did you feel that you were transported outside Earth’s atmosphere? Yes ( ), No ( ). If yes, what do you recall of that experience and was a transport device used?

4. Were you given knowledge of the craft’s propulsion or operational system? Yes ( ), No ( ). If yes, please explain what you were told.

5. Have you ever undergone a procedure on the craft that was unrelated to reproduction? If so, please describe.
Please visit Kathleen’s website at or contact her via email at for copies of both surveys.

Completed surveys can be mailed back to her at:

Kathleen Marden
P.O. Box 120172
Clermont, FL 34712

or scanned and sent via email.

Participants’ identities will remain anonymous. If you wish to be personally contacted regarding the results of this survey, you need only include your email address.

Denise Stoner and I want to thank-you in advance for facilitating our research efforts and increasing our knowledge about alien abduction.

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