Tuesday, November 01, 2011

UFO NEWS | CANADA | Ottawa's X-Files: "Project Magnet Lasted Just Four Years Before the Plug was Pulled On Aug. 10, 1954"

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By Doug Hempstead
QMI Agency

     Two days after Wilbert Smith thought he detected a flying saucer over Ottawa, the government shut his top-secret operation down.

Project Magnet lasted just four years before the plug was pulled on Aug. 10, 1954. With funding cut off, Smith continued the work on his own, with a handful of believers — still allowed to use government facilities and equipment.

Officially, they were studying “magnetic phenomena” and the concepts of geomagnetism. They believed it could be possible to harness and manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field as a means of propulsion for aircraft.

It’s the only thing Smith figured could be powering all those UFOs described in the growing number of sightings since 1947.

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