Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UFO NEWS | ARGENTINA | VIDEO: Meteorite, Space Junk or UFO? One Fatility, Several Injuries and Two Homes Destroyed in Report of Mystery Sky Object

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By Emol.mundo

     BUENOS AIRES .- A Peruvian woman died and nine others were injured on Monday in an explosion of unknown origin, that destroyed two buildings of a plant and a children's dining hall about 30 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

At least four cars were crushed by masonry buildings left in ruins in what looked like a war-scene, while the blast broke windows in the vicinity, in the populous town of Esteban Echeverría. "The neighbors talk of an object falling from the sky. But this has been confirmed," said Fire Chief William Perez. "I do not want to overtake anything. Let's wait for the forensic skills," he said.

Trans-Andean media have reported that all witnesses of fact, including a town councilor Montegrande, a policeman and several neighbors agree that they heard a loud buzzing and saw a great light before feeling the impact on housing. However, do not rule out the possibility that it is an implosion, generated from underground.

Speaking to Channel C5N, Mariano Ribas, Planetary Astronomy coordinator of Buenos Aires, said that "the fall of a meteorite is a hypothesis, but this is a mystery. There are no reports of such occurrences," he said. . . .

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