Saturday, August 20, 2011

UFO NEWS | VIDEO: UFO Fleet Recorded On Cell Phone Camera in Daejeon, South Korea

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By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     DAEJEON, South Korea—Eyewitness accounts, along with cell phone video of multiple UFOs are being reported by mainstream media sources in South Korea’s 5th largest city and provincial capital of Chungnam.

The cell phone video footage is supported by eyewitness accounts of approximately 20 objects, “seemingly flying in formation” and traveling in a northeasterly direction; the event took place on Wednesday (8-17-11) at an unspecified time in the evening.

One witness in particular indicated that the objects were in fact stationary, and then “began to move after about 30 minutes.” If this is an accurate account, then this throws into question the most plausible (conventional) explanation of the objects i.e., floating lanterns, illuminated balloons etc.

Civilian UFO investigators are looking into the event, and so far “a conventional explanation” isn’t forthcoming. Professor Maeng Seong-ryeol of Woosuk University, current President of The Korean UFO Research Center noted the rarity of the incident, while UFO investigator Seo Jong-han cited the brightness of the objects and discounted the notion of floating lanterns.

In responding to queries, the Air Force claimed there were no flights in the area and “no planes” were tracked by radar, apparently eliminating conventional aircraft as a source for the objects.

The Daejeon incident follows another intriguing UFO case (taking place one day earlier) also making headline news, which occurred at The Jiangbei International Airport in Chongqing, China, this occurrence caused air-traffic controllers to divert traffic for about an hour.

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