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UFO NEWS | VIDCAST: BBC’s 5 Live “Breakfast” Show Breaks UFO Story, Witnessed By One of Their Own

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By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 8-4-11

Mike SewellHERTFORDSHIRE ENGLAND—Early morning listeners to the BBC’s 5 Live “Breakfast” Show got a rare treat yesterday morning: a chap by the name of Mike Sewell called in and recounted seeing a disc-shaped UFO up-close and personal, only a couple of hours earlier! Too add to the fervor, the caller wasn’t some un-known voice on the other end of the blower, but “5 Live’s” very own sports reporter.

According to Sewell, he was heading east to the Stansted Airport (on assignment to cover a sporting event in Sweden), from his home in The Midlands and was just outside of Cottered when he spotted the object at about 4:15 am. He stated:
“I just noticed . . . in the sky . . . straight ahead . . . looking like it was descending, was, what I thought was a plane, with bright white lights in the front, a couple of flashing lights either side, and it was coming down, and I thought this is a bit strange, I'm no where near Stansted, there must be an airfield near here–then it banked to the left, which was my right, and went over into the countryside, in a field, and at that point I got a good look at it and it wasn't the shape of a plane and it wasn't a helicopter; I'm not sure what it was, but it was disc-shaped; it had two . . . well at least two . . . panels of lights, these kind of soft white lights, underneath and several flashing lights around it . . . and it couldn't have been a plane because it didn't continue its journey, 'cause it went into the countryside and then . . . I want to say hovered, but it stayed in a certain area, and I watched it for probably two or three minutes while I tried to negotiate what was quite a windy country road and I eventually lost it when it went it behind me and out of sight . . . and I decided to turn back after a few minutes and go back to the village and I didn't see it, but what I did see, higher in the sky was a very bright white light, which was certainly not a star and but what I saw wasn't the shape of a normal airplane.”
Later in the show, noted Ufologist Tim Good added his commentary, stating, “it might well be extraterrestrial . . ..”

The incident or more specifically the brouhaha it has created is trending both in the UK and here in the States, and the call is out for any other witnesses who might have seen the mystery craft.

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