Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debunking the UFOs and Space Aliens' Myth

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Debunking the UFOs and Space Aliens' Myth
By Tom McGregor

Editors Note–We find it amusing that the author cites "scientific method," yet starts off by incorrectly defining Ufology.

     When explaining the unexplained, some people instinctively engage in telling tall tales, myth-making and hatching conspiracy theories. They observe or hear about a strange scientific phenomenon and draw conclusions that contradict logic and common sense.

For instance, some people look at stars and cast themselves as astrologers, fortune tellers. Some claim they can study the alignment of the planets and stars to predict whether Barack Obama will get re-elected to the White House or if Texas Gov. Rick Perry will defeat him in the next U.S. presidential election. The so-called astrologers fail to consider that stars are inanimate cosmic objects that are incapable of even thinking about events that occur on Earth.

Debunking fortune telling is easy when utilizing a scientific method. Hence, most people don't take this subject-matter seriously anymore. Nevertheless, the study of UFO-ology, the belief that aliens from outer space are frequent visitors of Earth, has now become the latest fad, especially in China. Many Chinese are looking at the night sky in search of evidence for outer space aliens. Some are speculating that extra-terrestrials or ETs are either preparing for an inter-galactic battle or pushing for peaceful diplomatic ties with human beings.

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