Thursday, June 09, 2011

VIDEO | FALLING SKIES | "The Aliens are Here and . . . Humanity . . . it’s Trying to Survive"

Falling Skies

By StiffytheKid

     There are a lot of things to enjoy about TNT’s new summer series Falling Skies. It isn’t the subtle political “aliens are our friends” two-step that doomed V just a few months ago. It’s not a vast alien conspiracy show, a do-they-exist-or-don’t-they week to week tease like the X-Files was for so many seasons. No, Falling Skies throws us into the fray after everything has gone down. The aliens are here and we are being eradicated. And humanity isn’t trying to stop the invasion, it’s trying to survive. And if we survive, then perhaps we can rebel. Apparently, the revolution will be televised…

Falling Skies is a new summer series on TNT, premiering on June 19th. The series was created by Steven Spielberg and Robert Rodat, who previously worked together on Saving Private Ryan. It stars Noah Wyle (ER, The Librarian) as Tom Mason. He was a history professor, before his world was torn apart. Now, he’s the second in command of the 2nd Massachusetts, a thrown-together military brigade in charge of protecting a large group of civilians. Tom lost his wife in the initial attack, and now must keep an even more careful eye on his 3 sons, one of whom has been taken by the aliens.

The aliens are taking children, teenage children, and attaching a worm-like “harness” to the children’s backs. No one knows what the devices do . . ..

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  1. Are you serious? Ancient ET's having been coming here forever. The last TV show to tank was THE EVENT and you don't mention that. Practically all of Hollywood is trying to crank up a project bluebeam scenario and now this blog is pumping up the latest "ET is bad" production?

    If I may.


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