Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center: "We Don't Care Whether You Believe or Disbelieve"

Roswell Museum
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Roswell UFO museum's fascinating space

By Jay Jones
The Los Angeles Times

     . . . If you're looking for pictures of debris or government photos, you're apt to be disappointed. But what the museum does have are various newspaper and radio reports from July 1947, along with replicas of the debris and depositions from those involved.

One piece of the puzzle came from Homer Rowlette Jr., an Army sergeant who helped with cleanup at the crash site. His "confession" — as an exhibit describes it — came on his deathbed: "I saw three little people. They had large heads and at least one was alive."

Rancher Mack Brazel told reporters he discovered the wreckage and alien remains on the morning of July 5. The story, with details provided by Haut, broke in the Roswell Daily Record three days later. The following day, however, the military did an about-face.

The debris had been taken to an Army air field near Fort Worth . . ..

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