Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cutting to the Chase: Robert Hastings Exposes James Carlson’s Chief Falsehood Regarding The Echo Flight UFO Incident

James Carlson’s Falsehoods

By Robert Hastings

     James Carlson writes:

“The only people who were at Echo-Flight on March 16, 1967, and therefore the only people who can assert any possible authority for the event, were Walt Figel and my father, who was in charge. And both deny the presence of UFOs at Echo-Flight.”

This is simply untrue, James. What retired Col. Walt Figel actually says is on tape:

(This links to my “Echo/Oscar Witch Hunt” article. Scroll down and use the audio-link to the taped telephone conversation Figel had with former missile launch officer Bob Salas in 1996, which was the first time Figel had spoken about a UFO presence during the Echo Flight missile shutdown event since its occurrence in 1967.)
“[On the date of the Echo Flight incident we already had teams out in the field] because they were doing maintenance on, I don’t know, the guidance cans or something, and the maintenance crews were staying [overnight] and there was security and maintenance on-site on both, uh, on two of the ten sites.”

“Then when the first [missile] went down, and I talked to the security out there, they reported this UFO hovering over the site. I said, ‘Yeah, right. What have you guys been drinking out there?’ And we [sent] Strike Teams to both of the sites that had been occupied.”

“These Strike Teams—I didn’t tell them what we had heard [about the UFO]—you know, via the LF radio, and I told them to go get within a mile of the site there and call back in on the VHF (Very High Frequency telephone). And they both reported that we had two maintenance crews, two security troops on-site, and two Strike Teams all reporting it...”

(Later in the conversation, Figel more or less repeats himself.)

“Well, I [reportedly] had them hovering over the sites, you know, and I said, ‘Right, I’m not a believer in that crap!’ And that was reported on the secure line, and I told those guys to make no transmissions and, when the Strike Teams got out there—they were on VHF back to me—and they had no idea in the world what I even told them to look for, and they reported them [too].”

So, James, Col. Walt Figel did indeed report a UFO presence at Echo Flight—the very first time he spoke about it, after being told to never discuss it, by his squadron commander, decades earlier. (According to Figel, your father was told the same thing.) If you can't even get this basic, crucial fact correct, why should anyone bother reading the rest of your claims and, ahem, informed observations?

In addition to Figel’s taped conversation with Salas in 1996, I also recommend that interested persons listen to the three taped conversations I had with Figel—in 2008, 2009, and 2010—during which he confirms his earlier remarks to Salas and elaborates on them at length.

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