Monday, May 30, 2011

VIDEO | AREA 51 | ABC News Says Jacobsen Source is 'Confused & Conflicted"; The Author Gets Grilled By Nightline's Bill Weir

Bill Weir (ABC News) Interviewing Annie Jacobsen

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-29-2011

We left off with announcing the fact that ABC News, specifically, Nightline and co-anchor Bill Weir located Annie Jacobsen’s primary (un-named) source for her chapter on the Roswell crash in her controversial (to put it mildly) tome: Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (New York: Little, Brown & Co. 2011).

After spending some time with the almost 90-year-old former technician for EG&G, at his home in Nevada, Weir came away with not only some discrepancies, but also an opinion of his mental capacity–pertaining to his age.

Armed with this information, Weir asked and was granted a second interview with Jacobsen and it was a “no hold’s barred” session. The underlying innuendo, at worst was perhaps Jacobsen embellished her version of the Roswell saga (via her “un-named source), creating controversy to pump up book sales; or she, at best was/is incompetent and didn’t vet the source and or his claims properly, which in part may have been overlooking “elder dementia” as Weir alludes to.

To her credit Jacobsen stands her ground, and is adamant re her source’s veracity, citing documents, recorded interviews etc., contrary to Weir’s interpretation of him. She also notes the other “named” sources in her book preceding the chapter on Roswell, (who also worked at Area 51) using them to shore up the anecdote.

Unfortunately, Weir spoke with a few of the “other” Area 51 alumni and it didn’t bode well for the author and “her version” of what happened at Roswell in the summer of 1947. See video below:

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