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Telephonic Interview with Colonel Walter Figel (USAF Ret) By Robert Hastings - 2 of 3

UFOs Over Echo Flight

By Robert Hastings
© 1-8-2009

     This is my second taped interview with Col. Walt Figel, occurring on January 8, 2009. Figel confirms, as he had in the first interview with Hastings in October 2008, that he did indeed receive a report from a security guard about a UFO hovering over one of Echo Flight’s missile silos, seconds after that missile failed. Figel further says that debunker James Carlson has misrepresented his remarks, to Hastings and others, regarding the reality of a UFO-presence during the Echo Flight shutdown incident.


● 06-0:56: Hastings misspeaks and asks Figel about the initial UFO sighting report Figel had received from the “Strike Team Leader.” In reality, the report came from a security guard already on-site, whereupon Figel sent out two Strike Teams to investigate. In any case, Figel confirms receiving a report from the missile guard about a “large, round object” hovering over one of Echo’s silos, shortly after that missile failed, and says that while he didn’t take the report seriously, the guard was indeed serious about the sighting. James Carlson, in hundreds of his blog posts, has incorrectly/deceptively claimed that the guard was joking about the UFO.

● 6:03-19:47: Figel remarks that Salas’ credibility has suffered because he changed his story—about being one of the officers at Echo when the missiles failed, to being at November and finally Oscar, for a second missile shutdown incident—and says he doesn’t think that a second shutdown even happened. Hastings explains to Figel the reasons for the scenario evolving over time, as new evidence became available to Salas.

Despite this, Figel remains skeptical about another shutdown event occurring later on at Oscar Flight. Nevertheless, he admits that the taped testimony of Salas’ former missile commander at Oscar, now-retired Colonel Fredrick Meiwald—in which Meiwald supports most of Salas’ statements—as well as Boeing engineer Robert Kaminski’s admission that he got reports of a UFO-involvement in the Echo Flight incident
“raises a lot of questions for anybody who wants to legitimately, objectively look at [these incidents].”

● 19:32-21:04: Figel says James Carlson “has an ax to grind”.

● 27:11 to 27:54: Figel again says that Carlson “has an ax to grind, or he’s off-base” and that he didn’t understand Carlson’s “motivation” for what he has written about Echo Flight.


The conversation from 27:02 to 30:77 has been skipped. It concerns unrelated information including a confidential report Hastings received from a former USAF missile security guard stationed at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, in 1966, relating to another UFO incident at a nuclear missile silo.

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