Saturday, May 14, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Triangle Light Formation Over Coventry, England

Triangle Light Formation Over Coventry, England

By Ken Pfeifer

     On the 4th of May at 1.10 am myself and husband were getting ready to go to bed. As I was checking the patio doors were locked I happened to notice what I thought was a reflection of lights in a triangle formation in 2 of the top windows of a Training Centre for the disabled that backs on to our house (it is only open during normal working hours). The triangle formation of lights were white but as I stood and watched lots of red lights began to appear from within or around (hard to tell where from really as they moved very erratically and fast)

Really don't know what to make of it? when we both saw the lights in the window we immediately rushed out and looked above our house to see where they were coming from, we saw nothing in the sky - it was clear and still - all the stars were out.

As I was looking out the front window towards the main road I could see a helicopter's light and also hear it in the distance heading straight our way. I moved back to the back patio doors and we both watched the helicopter come straight over and move off to our left.

The lights occurred for about 6 seconds each time and we saw them 3 times, they moved from one window to the next, back and forth making really strange light configurations and not behaving as a reflection, if traffic, would - red and white hard to explain but they were flashing white lights and the red lights seemed to split off/deviate from the triangle shape, like little fireworks?

We still are trying to work out if they were just some kind of reflection but we are doubting this now after looking each night.

Just waiting to see if anything similar has been reported online?

Thanks to Jodie Richardson. Jodie is a researcher and investigator for World Ufo Photos of New Jersey. She lives in Coventry and is the UK link to World UFO Photos and The above image is a rendering.

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