Saturday, April 02, 2011

Charlie Sheen – The Rock Star From Mars Gets Booed Off Stage in Detroit

Charlie Sheen,  The Rock Star From Mars Gets Booed Off Stage in Detroit

Charlie Sheen: My Violent Torpedo of Truth (Review)

By David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter

Sheen was booed off stage by a hostile crowd after delivering a poorly planned show filled with faux-Biblical preaching and extended video clips.
     DETROIT, MI -- Call it tiger blood or Adonis DNA if you will. Just don’t call it entertainment.

Kicking off his 20-city tour April 2 in Detroit, Charlie Sheen pulled a stunt that even by his standards was a little extreme. He alternately pandered to and antagonized an estimated audience of 5,000 people at the Fox Theatre in a blatantly cynical attempt to cash in on his craziness. Roughly paraphrased, his excuse for having barely worked out the blueprint for an act was, “Hey, you guys paid for a show when you didn’t know what you were getting!”

What the audience got was egomania gone wild. Grandiosely titled “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option,” Sheen’s haphazard act was neither standup nor confessional memoir, despite repeated promises that he was going to dig deep and dish secrets. . . .

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