Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Witness Snaps Photo of Donut Shaped Object

Donut shaped Object Toefield, Alberta 6-4-04

Submitted By Ken Pfeifer
MUFON New Jersey
Pic Date 6-4-04

     I am submitting this on behalf of a co-worker. She was on a farm near Toefield, Alberta and had decided to walk into the pasture to find her horse. She had her camera with her. She noticed a donut shaped object, brilliantly lit up, hovering over the pasture. She remembers that it may have had a dome on top. After watching it for a while, just hovering and not moving she took a picture of it. She was not afraid as at the time as she was wondering what it could be. It was not until after the event that she realized it was a ufo. She looked at the camera to see if it captured an image and indeed it did. Picture attached. When she looked up to take another photo the object had disapeared.

This case was reported to MUFON.

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