Monday, March 21, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "We Stood There and Watched This Diamond Shaped Group of Stars As It Moved Very Slowly Over Both of Our Homes"

My UFO Experience

Reader Submitted Report

     I'm not sure if you were just looking for recent experiences, the one I had happened 22 years ago when I was eleven years old, which I never spoken about with except for my neighbor who witnessed this event with me.

I'm still not sure to this day if it was an unidentified object. I've looked at
hundreds of videos. 99% of which are a little hard to believe, but I just wanted to see if any looked like what I saw. And I'm yet to see or hear of a sighting like what I witnessed.

Shortly after 1 pm in the middle of summer in 1989 I was walking thru my yard to my neighbors home to hang out on her porch and hang out with her while she sat on her porch with her two small children. Although we lived in the city, we were the only two houses on the small city block so my walk to her porch from my house was about 45 yards.

As I reached the base of her porch I noticed something in the sky which caught my eye, I looked up to see a group of stars. 25 in all which were in the shape of a diamond. A row of 5 stars in the center with a row of 4 on each side of the row of five, then a row of three, then two, then 1 on each end.

Before I comprehended the design of the stars my first thought was of course that it was broad daylight, and second that they were in our atmosphere. I couldn't tell how high they were but much closer then an airplane from what I could tell. If I had to guess I would compare the distance to a news helicopter that you would see checking on the rush hour traffic.

I then called my neighbor over to look at what I was witnessing to get her thoughts and hoping she could tell me what it was. We stood there and watched this diamond shaped group of stars as it moved very slowly over both of our homes. No noise, no lights, no little grey guys trying to shoot things at my anus, just stars. I wish technology was then what it is now because we watched it for a good ten minutes and I would have a cell phone video or a picture or something to show people so I wouldn't have to have held this story in for the last 22 years but it is what it is.

I'm succsesful, I'm married, father of three and make upwards of 250 k a year. I'm not crazy, or attention craved in any way. I'm just hoping to find someone with a story similiar to mine. The only thing that seemed strange to me about this ordeal is that after the sighting I was left with a feeling that I was going to see this again someday. A very strong feeling, like someone or something told me in my mind that this was not my last time seeing this object.

After 22 years I'm loosing hope in that but its amazing I remember it as if it happened yesterday and I think of this experience about every other day. I know were not alone in this universe, there's no way we could be. I just hope that when they do visit that they're friendly. Actually, maybe if we as humans weren't so unfriendly, they would already be here.

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