Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UFO NEWS | VIDEO: UFOs in Utah County?



Video Courtesy of KSL.com

By John Hollenhorst

     LEHI -- Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a flurry of reports about mysterious lights in the night sky over Utah County -- to the delight of those who would like to believe we are being visited by spacecraft from another planet.

But the explanation for the latest wave of mystery lights will almost certainly turn out to be something less exciting, and more Earth-bound. In fact, the finger of suspicion points strongly toward model-airplane enthusiasts and people flying Chinese lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

There's been at least one sighting near Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City, but most of the reports have come in from northern Utah County.

"It was a steady, continuous, bright red light," said Orem resident Robert Campbell, who saw lights in the sky while driving one evening last week in Lehi.

"And then immediately below it, every few seconds," Campbell continued, "a brilliant white strobe light would appear and it would continue to blink as it lost altitude."

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  1. i dont belive in this explanation as the same type of events had apennimg all over the world since last year, red glowing ligths, triangular shape mothersips and smal probs, i strongly belive that something is going on in the skys and the earyh governmants are not saying nothing to the people


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