Friday, February 18, 2011

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "I Noticed a Multi-Colored TUBE-LIKE Stream Fall Straight Down From the Sky . . ."

I Noticed a Multi-Colored TUBE-LIKE Stream Fall Straight Down From the Sky

Reader Submitted Report

     Today, 2/14/11 at 1230 PM, I was at a Sonic Restaurant on RTE 10 near Dover AFB, DE when I noticed a multi-colored TUBE-LIKE stream fall straight down from the sky. The object appeared silver with a silver, gold, and green contrail. I would say I saw it for 2 seconds (top of windshield to behind a building). I have no idea how far it was away but it appeared to be maybe a half mile-mile so it would be near the Jones River, Jonathan Landing area, perhaps near Lebanon, DE...I did not go investigate.

I got out of my car to look up and did not see a plane. It might have been something falling from a space satelitte or perhaps a meteorite.

The colors were the most amazing thing. The "tail" was very long, colorful, and fell straight was traveling at a high rate of speed; if not, I might have thought it was a fireworks rocket falling, but it could not have been-not at this rate of speed and straightness.

This was definitely something different.

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