Sunday, January 30, 2011

UFO NEWS | Investigators for Korea UFO Research Association and the Korea UFO Analysis Center Speak Out

Seo Jong Han

UFO chasers

By Kim Tae-jong

     Extraterrestrial life, alien attacks and space travel. All of these sound more than surreal for most people. But not for unidentified flying objects (UFO) investigators who think these are alien spacecraft — they argue that believing in the object is one of many ways to better understand the universe.

“People are too skeptical to believe in something beyond their senses or understanding,” UFO investigator Seo Jong-han said. “You can see and understand a lot of new things only when you’re open to various possibilities.”

Seo has devoted his life to researching UFOs for the past 30 years. He thinks the efforts to investigate this phenomenon are meaningful as they can help people prepare for possible contact with extraterrestrial life of higher intelligence in the future.

“For the past 50 years, there have been a lot of reports about UFO sightings by a lot of people from many different parts of the world. It’s not right to simply ignore them, and it’s worth examining and investigating such claims through objective and scientific methods by which we can learn something,” Seo said.

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