Monday, January 31, 2011

UFO Matrix Magazine, Issue 4 Now Available in the UK

UFO Matrix Cover Issue 4

By Philip Mantle
UFO Matrix Magazine

Philip MantleISSUE 4 of UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE is now available in the UK via the high street shop WH Smith. It will be available in the USA/rest of the world via Barnes& Noble and Borders in one months time. You can also subscribe online at:

     In this fact-packed issue we have:

The 1945 UFO Crash (part 1) by Paola Harris.

The 1974 Berwyn Mountain UFO landing is under the spotlight with articles 'for' and 'against' by Scott Felton & Andy Roberts.

Philip Gardiner takes his usual sceptical look at all things weird and wonderful.

Nick Pope in his regular column details his las visit to the Royal Society.

Sean Casteel interviews ancient astronaut researcher Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Wayne Herschel looks at an ancient Egyptian papyrus and suggests it is the smoking gun for evidence of ancient astronauts.

In Mike Hallowell's BACKLIGHT column another 'cold case' comes under review.

Raam Barros details a UFO sighting over Rendlesham Forest on the 30th anniversary of these events.

Is there a secret space program ? Richard Thomas thinks so, and he takes a close look at British computer hacker Gary McKinnon.

Lorin Cutts takes time out to interview James Gilliland.

ET contact from Peru. South Amerrican UFOs looked at from our colleagues in Peru.

Kal Korff takes a retrospective look at ufology's most famous UFO photo-case, the Paul Trent photos from Mcminvile.

Former CID police office John Hanson reports back on the Rendlesham 30th anniversary events.

Lee Paqui & Sheryl Gottschall offer another round-up of UFOS from down-under in their regular Oz column.

Jijth Nadumuri Ravi looks at the ancient Indian text the Mahabharata and is convinced it depicts ancient asdtronauts. A full report here from India.

Paul Stonehill delves into his archives to take a look at the Nazi's hunt for the crystal skull in Brazil.

And of course we have the usual round-up of UFO sightings by our readers, a competition to win a DVD box set of the TV series DARK SKIES and much, much more.

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