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WikiLeaks - Tis the Season to be Suspicious

WikiLeaks - Tis the Season to be Suspicious

By James Carrion
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James Carrion     I read with much interest the headlines from around the world this week on the release of secret US Diplomatic documents through the WikiLeaks website. I noticed parallels between WikiLeaks tactics and the information warfare practiced on the gullible UFO community by shadowy groups of the US Intelligence community.

Conspiracy Theory

Before I explain my reasoning for why WikiLeaks should be suspect, let me first discuss something that has been simmering in the back of my mind for awhile and that I feel a need to address.

It seems that talking about the intelligence community’s unacknowledged involvement in the UFO community, their creation of the UFO myth and their continued promotion of UFO stories is immediately labeled by believers and debunkers alike as conspiracy theory. The believers see any thoughts along these lines as just another layer added to the onion of some concerted government cover up, in other words, it is a conspiracy but one that hides a greater conspiracy of alien visitation. The debunking community on the other hand without giving any rational and sober thought at all to the possibilities; labels the notion of intelligence agency manipulation of the UFO community as just pure fantasy and chuck it into their grey basket which is really “I can’t get off my ass and be bothered” basket.

Now let me propose a radical idea. Conspiracy theory used as an end in and of itself for the express purpose of providing plausible deniability. In other words the more conspiracies that promulgate and circulate the zeitgeist, the less likely that sober critical minds will be willing to examine what sounds like another. This provides the perfect cover for any intelligence agency operation.

So for example, if you want to draw attention from what is really happening at places like Groom Lake, Nevada, wrap it in a conspiracy - one with a big alien green bow, and place it under the Christmas tree of gullible UFO believers. They will wake up early Christmas morning and eagerly tear off the wrapping to find a box that looks alien, but if they bothered to open their glazed eyes and look further, they would find another box inside that is entirely too human. Better yet, send the same present to the Grinch debunking community and they will throw the whole package into the trash, wrapping and all, not bothering to consider what treasure lies truly inside.

On the spectrum of UFO belief, believers find themselves on one extreme and debunkers on the other. The sobering middle however is made up of the skeptical few whose arguments are normally drowned out by the masses on either end or by those like the media who either ignore the subject all together or it serves as their entertainment muse. It is a win-win for Black Project private industry and their intelligence agency compatriots as they achieve their objective of keeping the nosey citizenry and the media from examining their activities a little too closely.

I have been discussing on this blog over the last year my belief that the intelligence community is practicing information warfare on the proving grounds of Ufology before they wield these weapons in the real world. I have pointed out how information message boards like The Open Minds Forum, run by a shadowy group of figures is pushing the latest UFO myth, using disinformation techniques to quash dissent while experimenting with opinion manipulation in the microcosm of Ufology.

Now to the parallels with WikiLeaks:

1. WikiLeaks has a known front man but the rest of the governing team is as shadowy as the intelligence agencies they claim to oppose. See what happened when I questioned the backgrounds of the Open Minds Forum leaders in my blog article: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. Interesting that those who promote transparency the most are the ones least likely to serve it up themselves while they hide behind a cloak of anonymity and claimed persecution.

2. WikiLeaks relies on whistelblowers with alleged altruistic reasoning for their whistleblowing. Sure you can put up a straw man suspect like PFC Bradley Manning to blame the leak on but he doesn’t account for all of the leaked documents.
Whistleblowers are old hat to the UFO community where shadowy figures pop out of the woodwork periodically to release another bombshell disclosure about alien visitation and government cover up. The only problem is that their claims can never really be substantiated. See my blog article: Whistleblowers, Whose Horn are they tooting?

WikiLeaks has released a deluge of documents that on the surface appear to be damaging but are as a whole innocuous. They appear to seek credibility in the wider community but don’t appear to have a specific agenda other than to manipulate public opinion.

Let me play Devil’s advocate for a second and examine why an Intelligence Agency would be behind WikiLeaks:

1. WikiLeaks has recently achieved a level of credibility in the world media. Future leaked documents to the site could be used for disinformation purposes or for opinion manipulation.

2. True whistleblowers who believe they are posting anonymously to the site and are confident that WikiLeaks will protect their identity are unaware that WikiLeaks is actually providing this information to their intelligence agency backers. Closed loop counterintelligence.

3. Any intelligence agency connection to WikiLeaks will be labeled as a conspiracy theory and believed by the believer, tossed by the debunker and drowned out in the middle including in the press. Conspiracy theory conveniently has plausible deniability built-in.

The Internet Matrix has proven to be a valuable tool in the new paradigm of winning hearts and minds whether those of foreign governments or one's own citizens. Infiltrating trade unions, dissent groups, or political parties, or organizing protests and demonstrations in foreign countries to swing elections is old school when you can wield the power of the Internet to manipulate world opinions and the media. Sounds like a conspiracy? It is and tis the season to be suspicious. The present left this year by WikiLeaks under the tree of world opinion may look nicely wrapped and glittery all over but it reeks of information control by those with intentions as black as coal.

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