Thursday, December 16, 2010

UFO NEWS | UFOs & NUKES: Have You Seen Any UFOs Lately?

UFO Near Nuclear Missile Silo

Have you seen any UFOs lately?


     KIMBALL — If you think you’ve seen spaceships, a UFO researcher and author wants to talk to you.

He says he is studying reports of unidentified flying objects in Kimball County last month.

Robert Hastings, who is also an author and lecturer on UFO sightings, has become interested in recent reports of unexplained objects in the Panhandle county.

Hastings said he became interested in possible sightings after an October report that Warren Air Force Base had experienced a power outage. Warren Air Force Base and Pentagon officials have acknowledged that the power outage led to disrupted communication with 50 missile sites.

“A reliable source says that the outage was just a computer glitch, but within a matter of days there began to be UFO reports within the region,” Hastings said.


  1. What I find interesting is that from 1981-1985, while on SAC missile crew duty, is that at no time was UFOs mentioned affecting the 341st SMW's sorties. In other words,I accomplisted 295 alerts and saw nothing and heard nothing. From 1985-1988, I was assigned as the OIC Operations Branch of the 321st SMW's Codes Division, Grand Forks AFB, which we dispatched missile maintenance teams on a daily basis out to the field. Again, nothing was seen nor heard concerning UFO activities. Robert Hastings, in an email reply back to me stated that the 1980s were "quiet" as far as UFOs were concerned. Rather convenient for his theory?

    As far as the recent issue with the 91st SMW's outages. Who started the UFO rumors? Perhaps Mr. Hastings himself?

  2. Greetings Tim,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment; however, I have to say I'm a little disappointed; in your recent article–you offered salient points in expressing your opinion–you stuck to the issues, which I found refreshing (although I disagree with several items), in contrast to the usual ad hominem attacks hurled at Robert Hastings from those that simply disagree with him.

    The allegory above re Hastings and the "UFO rumors," quite frankly is beneath you and I hope any future comments are directed to the elements or thesis (i.e., the issues) of the article to which comments are addressed to (or should be).

    As to the question regarding rumors: painting the "UFO reports" as rumor I'm afraid is erroneous, as Robert found out about the reports through local law enforcement; the names of the witness(es) and or author(s) of the reports are "known" to them, and now to Robert.

    Finally, to state the obvious: because "you" didn't experience and or hear of any UFO activity during your tenure as a SAC missile crew member does not mean there weren't occurrences during that time and it certainly doesn't condemn or censure other reports. Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence.



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