Saturday, December 11, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | Witness Recounts 'Green Fireball' Traveling in a Straight and Level Path Down the Hudson River

Green Fireball

Reader Submitted Report

     On one night in March of 1953 after returning home from a date with my Girl Friend, I saw a huge green ball of fire traveling at great speed traveling in a straight and level path down the Hudson River.

The fire ball was approximately 1500-2000 feet in altitude; the dazzling green refection on the surface of the waters of the Hudson River provided a good reference to establish probable altitude.

My vantage point was from the western side of the Hudson at South Nyack, New York (approx.25 miles north of New York City. The trees were still bare of leaves and offered an almost unobstructed view of the river. My Home at that time was about a mile from the river on a rolling mountain side setting known locally as Hillside Avenue.

The elevation of my house above the river, I would guess to be 300-500 feet; the field of view to the North was only 5-6 miles because Hook Mountain obscured view of the river at Upper Nyack. To the south of my home, the view of the river was unobstructed almost to the lights of New York City; a distance of probably 20 miles.

I offer these distances in an effort to refine my estimate of the speed of this Green UFO Fire Ball as it traversed the approximate 25 mile path down the Hudson river to New York City and points south.

The total elapsed time from first sighting of the UFO to the it's disappearance to the south was less than 10 seconds.

After gaining my composure from the shock of this bizarre Ball of Fire exhibition...I began to think...did you really see that thing that you thought you just saw??? I had a very difficult time internalizing the reality that
I had just witnessed.

Back in those days, if you mentioned UFO...or Flying Saucer you were regarded as a lunatic or fool at best.

The following day I was delivered from my self doubt and fear of losing my sanity, when the Local Paper, The Journal News published the whole story of how the same Huge Green Fireball was seen by no less than 50 People attending a Wedding Party at Haverstraw on the Hudson, about 20 miles north of where I saw it.

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