Saturday, December 18, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | "I Saw a Copper Colored Disc That Appeared To Be 1/2 The Length of a Football Field"

My UFO Experience

Reader Submitted Report

     My name is Xxxx Xxxxxxx. When I was in college at Pitt Community College in Greenville,NC, in 1974, I went home for lunch that day. My girl friend, Xxxxx, was with me. It was approximately one o'clock in the afternoon. On Highway 11 heading north from the school back toward Greenville, I saw a copper colored disc that appeared to be 1/2 the length of a football field (50 Yards), hoovering above the trees that were about 100 yards away from the road past a cleared field (where now a shopping center sits). I couldn't believe it.

I made my girlfriend hold the steering wheel for a few seconds so I could gaze directly at it & observe. It started to rise upward & forward in the direction we were heading. I took back over the wheel and the disc began to rapidly rise while zigzagging. When it had become small in apprearance like a helium balloon looks just before you can no longer see it, a flame came out one side and it was gone.

Xxxx Xxxxxxx

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