Thursday, December 16, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE | " The 'Craft' Was Black; It Had a Long Rectangular Rear End; There Were Three Round lights Evenly Spaced On The Back . . . "

UFO Drawingf As Seen Over Port Richey Florida 2010

Reader Submitted Report

     I live in Port Richey Florida. Approx 25 NW of Tampa. I typically stay up untill midnight or so. As usuall I had gone outside before heading to bed to have a cigarette. My Ford F150 sits about 10ft. from the house in the driveway. I usually lean against it to smoke and just look around. I look up alot because I like the clouds and the stars are nice to look at. (I haven't shared this - people who know me know that I'm a factuall person and don't put much stock in what can't be proved)

When I lit the cigarette, I leaned back and starting gazing around. Ten seconds into my cigarette, I looked towards the sky over the front yard. Now here's where it gets hard to tell a friend - but you are a stranger.

My street runs directly North to South. Looking directly south to the neighbors yard are two trees. They are approx. 12-14 ft. apart, but one is about 10 ft. further away than the other. Both these trees are about 40-45 ft. tall. (I was a carpenter for 15 yrs., I'm pretty good at estimating distances and lenghts.). When I looked up and spotted this "thing", it was just clearing our row of houses. It appeared to be going over my neighbors and the folks next to him. It travelled in a southeast direction. When I spotted it, the rear end of it was just coming into view.

The "craft" was black. It had a long rectangular rear end. There were three round lights evenly spaced on the back. The lights made it possible to recognize the rectangular rear end shape. The rest of it I'm not a 100% on.

Let me stop for a moment.....Now I don't have one opinion or another on whether or not aliens are real. I would think that if I ever saw a "ufo" that it would be a round shiny disk. A disk seems to be a logical shape for a craft that would travel the way we have all heard that a "ufo" can travel. Anyway, the shape I saw threw me.

When I first seen it, I was shocked. I froze actually - the thought of what I was seeing was surreal. I have also thought that if I saw something unexplainable, it would be high in the sky and hard to focus on. Not this thing - not only was it easy to see - it was only about 35-45 ft. above the houses. That was, well, scary for lack of a better word.

The thing that shocked me the most was the complete silence. No hum, no buzz, nothing. I stared as hard as I could. I could see the lights the best so I focused on them to try to gestimate how fast it was moving. I would say it was moving no faster than 20-30 mph ground speed. The lights weren't projecting light - it was more like the light a reflecter would put off. The thickness of the rectangular rear end I would guess to be about 5 ft. thick and about 15 ft from end to end.

It felt like forever, but it was only in my view for seconds before it went behind those trees and continued on to the next block. Just for the record - I don't use drugs and only drink in a social situation, This was a Tuesday night. The incident happened approx 3 mnths ago.

The reason I say anything now is because I recently remembered it and wanted to see if there was anything online about anyone seeing this thing besides me. When I did an image search a few minutes ago, triangular crafts with rectangular rear ends started showing up.

My opinion would be that our government has things they don't share with us. Maybe they got technology from "aliens". Who's to say. I would guess this is some sort of special craft our gov. uses for whatever reason. Very impressive - floating slowly by without a sound.

I've been checking out a few sites and saw that you had a "share your experience" link. So there it is.

I could sit down on photoshop and make a better representaion using actuall photos from the front yard, but here's a quick sketch of what I saw for approx. 4-5 seconds.

I couldn't care less if anyone wanted to contact me about this or not - I just wanted to share what I know I saw.

Have a good day.


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