Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Object Sighted Over Nuclear Missile Launch Facility; Security Patrol Asked for Permission To Fire!

Permission To Fire
Editor's note—The "sharing" of the incident described below was precipitated by the UFO-Nuke Press Conference that took place in Washington, hosted by Robert Hastings & Bob Salas; it's hopeful that this is the first of many of former missileers, et al that will come forward and share their experiences—FW
     I know another retired US Air Force Officer whose name is not included in your list of people who had experienced such an encounter at a US missile site. His name is Xxxx Xxxxxxx and the last address I had for him was: XXXX Xxxxxxxxxx Xx., Xxxxxxxxxxx XX XXXXX. This man was as straight an arrow as I
By Reader Submitted Report
ever knew. A religious man of high integrity who couldn’t say xxxx if he had a mouth full.

He once told my wife and I an almost identical story that occurred while he was a Missile Launch Commander for Minuteman Missiles. Two of his Security Policemen on patrol reported in on the radio that a large UFO was hovering over one of the silos where an armed missile was located. The SP’s radioed, “Request permission to fire, request permission to fire”, to which Xxxx transmitted back, “Permission denied, Permission denied!”

Xxxx then said that all the lights on his launch panel lit up and blinked off and on including the light which indicated that the missile had been launched. He and all his crew members and the two SPs reported the incident, and he said each man was briefed alone and the interviewers took down all the information. He never heard another word about it the rest of his career.

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