Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zecharia Sitchin, One of the Giants of Paleocontact Passes Away

Zecharia Sitchin

By Antonio Huneeus

Antonio Huneeus     I was saddened to learn yesterday that Zecharia Sitchin, one of the giants of the Ancient Astronaut or Paleocontact theory, passed away recently in New York City at the age of 90. Although he died last October 9th , his official website,, just posted this short announcement:

“We regret to inform you that Zecharia Sitchin passed away on the morning of October 9th. A small, private family funeral was held the next day.

The family asks that you respect its privacy during this difficult time and refrain from contacting family members directly. Instead, to offer tributes to Mr. Sitchin or to contact those handling his affairs, please email or send a letter to P.O. Box 577, New York, NY 10185.

We appreciate the support that you have given over the years. Please continue to monitor this website for further updates.”

I knew Zecharia quite well. I met him for the first time in 1986, long before he became a household name in the paleocontact and ufological fields, when my friend Marcello Galluppi, a well known astrologist and paranormal radio show host from Detroit, invited me to sit for a long radio interview he did with Sitchin at his home in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was here that I heard for the first time Sitchin’s now famous story of how he started his lifelong quest for the Anunnaki, the gods of ancient Sumer, or the Biblical Nephilim, which in time he came to believe were real extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru and not just mythological figures. Sitchin’s parents were Russian Jews from Azerbaijan who emigrated in the 1920s to what was then known as Palestine, present-day Israel, then under British rule. Zecharia was a 9-year-old boy attending Biblical school and the discussion focused on a cryptic passage from the Book of Genesis (6:4-1) concerning the so-called Nephilim, a Hebrew word usually translated as “giants,” who married the daughters of man and had children by them.

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