Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strange Skies Over New Mexico

Strange Skies

By Anthony F. Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez      Northern New Mexico , Upon my trip from Angel Fire New Mexico where I attended Janet Sailor' s 2010 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival to appear on the Jerry Pippin Show with panelists Dennis Balthaser and Norio Hayakawa, I noticed something strange occurring in the sky as I drove towards the Petrified Natural Forrest.

A line-shaped cloud was forming out of nothing, and strangely casting a slicing effect, not a shadow on one adjoining cloud ... then it began to cast a shadow on another. I have never seen anything of the sort in my entire career scanning the skies as a UFO researcher. Thankfully I have learned over the years to scan the skies not only during the night but in the day as well.

This strange line-cloud creating itself out of nothing was something that I was not familiar with, but I had my camera with me. I noticed that the road began to curve towards the right and that I might lose the event from camera view. Just as I began to slow my car down to capture the image, boom! A loud crack in the sky triggered a flash just where the line-cloud was headed, and a bright (very bright) lighted portion of the sky emerged. I wanted to stop my car but the traffic was at 75 mph and I just had to take pictures while remaining on the road.

As slowed down, trying not to kill myself, I began to snap away. The brightness subsided but not before displaying a strange Rainbow (Aurora) like cloud, the same as the many seen before seismic events around the globe; sometimes attributed to HAARP. I continued to take pictures, one from a distance, then again close up. What got me was that the surrounding clouds did not blow away from the flash. And as I drove towards it, the clouds in the background began to close in to the area of the sky where the flash had occurred. Then, before I knew it, the spectacle was gone. The line cloud began to fully dissipate and the colorful Aurora-like pattern also begun to dissapear.

I still do not know what I saw, but the event was amazing. Could this have been a military exercise, or just a natural event? I just do not know. The loud crack sounded like a man made explosion, but the ensuing celestial events were almost as if created by God himself. In closing, I would like to say that I am planning on conducting an investigative look into this phenomena.

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