Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Topanga Canyon UFOs are Back!

UFO Over Topanga Canyon
Reader Submitted Report

     My wife and I live in Thousand Oaks, CA not too far from Topanga Canyon. Two days ago on 08/14/2010 (About two years now since your pic was posted to this website) we were in the swimming pool and as I lay there on my back looking up at the sky, I saw two of these same objects! I initially thought they were two stars, but thought it was strange to see stars so early as it was only about 5:30-6:00pm.

At this point I did not say anything to my wife, rather I continued to watch while I lay there in the pool. Both objects stayed motionless for a while before one of the objects started moving to the south. I did not think too much about it at first because I'm usually a practical person who believes most things we all see must have some kind of explanation. I went through a process of elimination and it was when I began to run out of answers that I began to think that what I was seeing was not normal.

The object in motion traveled relatively slowly compared to passenger jets at such a high altitude. After what seemed to be about 5 minutes, the first object in motion continued moving south after slowing down, speeding up, and making a sudden turn to the west / south-west and then back to the south again. Then the object disappeared from my sight. This was about the time the second object began moving in the same direction also making a few changes in direction. When I thought I had lost sight of the second object my wife and I went to sit in the spa.

While scratching my head in disbelief thinking there must be an answer as to what I just saw, something caught my eye. I looked up towards the east and sure enough it was one of the same objects slowly moving across the sky to the north as if it had made a u turn from it's original position. The object seemed to be much bigger and lower in the sky towards to horizon. I pointed out the object to my wife and she thought it was very strange, but being the s skeptic she is, she had the same questions I had at first. At least I know my eyes were not playing tricks on me and what we saw was REAL!

After heading in I Immediately got online to research. To my amazement, I found many Pic's and videos of the same objects. I found yours today and decided I had to share with someone. I can kick myself for not running in to grab my camera, but I was so glued to the objects I wanted no distraction or chance of loosing sight of them. It seems many people have witnessed these same kind of objects in this area so I will always be carrying my camera or iphone now to snap a pic or video if I see it again. Something tells me there is a good chance I will...and I hope soon!

P.S. If anyone reads this and saw the same think on the date my wife and I observed this, please post what you saw. Also, if anyone has a logical explanation as to what these "balls of light" or "star-like objects" may be, please do share.

Although this was a ufo to my wife and I because it was unidentified, this may not be a "ufo" to someone else. Are these objects something our military are researching? I or we may never know, but regardless nothing that I know of in existence today looks or moves like these objects do.

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