Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clovis UFO and TR-3B (Triangle) Crash CONNECTION

Clovis Lights Triangle

By Anthony F. Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez     As if things could not get any stranger with this story, two major events led up to the Triangle Crash sighting. On June 3 2010 MUFON State Section Director Jeff Gonzalez and another unidentified person videotaped an unmarked military jet presumably from nearby ANGB/Fresno depositing CHEM TRAILS over the greater Central Valley area. The jet made four massive loops depositing trails that overlapped one another.

Chemtrails Over Fresno
Clovis Lights TriangleWithin 4 weeks of this event on Friday July 2nd, a family in nearby Clovis CA was terrified after capturing a TRIANGLE CRAFT on video tape hovering over their house. They reported this event to Jeff Gonzalez who conducted an full investigation for reporting to MUFON. Now Jeff speaks on behalf of the family who captured the video. They do not want to be identified.

Unmarked Vans Near Witness in Clovis The next day when Jeff Gonzalez visited the home of the family who sighted the Triangle Craft, he photographed two White Unmarked Vans parked directly across the street from the family' s home for a prolonged period of time. It is not known if the family was approached by anyone. If they were, they are not speaking about it.

What these events do, is bring to attention that something strange is happening out of (or near) the ANGB/Fresno facility. And this now represents TWO distinct Triangle sightings/events within a 90 day period; and an unusual high level of UFO activity . It seems that the military or some military proxy is also involved conducting their own investigation.

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