Monday, July 19, 2010

Sifting Through The Recent 'Chinese UFO Chaff' & Images

UFOs Over China
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 7-18-10

     Unless you’ve been spelunking somewhere or somehow have been disconnected from all forms of media, no doubt you’ve heard of the “UFO brouhaha” going on in China. Working backwards: the latest is a report of “lights” over the city of Chongqing, a major municipality in the southwestern part of the country.

Like ripples in a pond the “stories” quickly spread all over the Internet, and as one might suspect they often times become distorted. Accordingly, I like to go to the source(s), or the original splash if you will in order to try and deduce just what took place.

That being said, the task is indeed a tedious one for all the obvious reasons, primarily the language barrier, and translation thereof, etc., thus after ingesting some aspirin I dove in.

The latest UFO report in Chongqing took place in the city's Shaping Park. According to the “Voice of China” (CNR News), on the evening of July 14th, at approximately, 8:00 pm witnesses reported seeing “4” lights; 3 white points forming a triangle, and one yellow light apart from the group. In contrast, reported: “three had white lights but one was red.”

By 9:40 pm the lights had faded out of sight. Curiously, and once again reported that event only lasted an hour.

Witness accounts were filled with terms like, “floating,” and or "drifting" and a Ms. Yang stated that she felt it was a helicopter taking pictures of Chongqing (Yangtze River Daily). Coincidently, from the same source it was reported that a helicopter was in the area, and that the tail has a “bright yellow glow.”

The photograph shown above has been associated with the Chongqing event; however, there is no indication in the “source reports” that it was indeed an image taken from that night. In fact, the “source credit” is labeled “Beijing,” which is over 2000 kilometers away. My feeling is that it is a “stock” UFO photo and NOT an image taken from the night in question.

~ end part I ~

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