Sunday, July 11, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Craft Hovering over Field in Rural Ohio

My UFO Experience UFO Seen in Ohio 1961
Reader Submitted Report

      I believe the year was 1961, My younger brother and I were bullhead fishing in Xxxx creek in Xxxxxx county Ohio on our farm. My dad and older brothers had rigged a single light to a pole just behind our favorite spot for the night fishing, the wire was about 400 feet long and the light produced was weak to say the least but after sitting a while and your eyes adjusted it was sufficient for the task.

We had set out our lines and were just watching our poles when the light seemed to become brighter. My brother turned to look at it and just got up and started running-not saying a word! I turned to see what was going on and like him, saw a VERY scary sight- a craft of guessing about 100 feet in diameter glowing slightly brighter than the fishing light hovering about 5 feet above the field behind us. I am not sure of the shape as I was afraid to look at it as we ran behind it.

Upon reaching the house, we yelled to dad about what was happening- He grabbed a shotgun and shells, headed out the front door just in time to see it go straight up slowly and cross the RR track (the bank was about 50 feet high) and go down on the other side and disappear. Never got a shot at it. Dad insisted we not tell anyone what happened, so we didn’t talk of it. I have seen a few things of interest since then, but nothing as definitive as that. In later years have talked to others (not about this) who have experienced similar sightings, making believers out of non believers!

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