Monday, July 05, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Object Seemed To Be Hovering and Emitted a Beam of Light

UFO Seen Through Kitchen Window in Seminole, OK
Reader Submitted Report

     I woke up on the morning of May 26th, 2010 around 4am. When I was getting a drink of water at my kitchen sink I noticed a super bright moon like appearance light above tree level. I went to the southern most doorway and looked out and the huge light was above tree level and was super bright. The object moved down and was then bright but it was only seen through the trees that are on the hill next to our home.

We had a fire to burn old brush piles along our driveway the afternoon before and it had caught a oil hose on fire that had burned all night. We also had a bulldozer working and had cleared a large area on top of the hill where the object appeared to be setting.

I was so amazed that this object went from above the tree’s as a “moon” to suddently being lower and me having to look at it through the tree’s that I couldn’t keep my eye’s off of it. It illuminated the whole top of the hill and then it was like a spotlight or beam of light shined to the north, northwest and you could see one side of all the trees in the woods. It was amazing and at the same time very scary because our home is built on the side of this hill.

The object then started shining this light or beam to the southeast and you could see nothing but darkness where 2 minutes before was illuminated to the northwest. Those tree’s that had a light shining on them were totally dark and the tree’s on the southeast side of the hill were illuminated.

I made sure all the doors were locked and was in an almost panic mode. I woke up my husband 3 times and he was groggy and so sleepy he said oh it was just the moon. I insisted that I’d seen it move from above the tree’s to lower and it appeared to be sitting or hovering just above ground. I couldn’t tell if it was hovering or not because all I could see was bright light and the illumination of the whole area before it then started shining a beam of light in one area then the other.

I watched it til it got light and I couldn’t see it anymore. I went up to the top of the hill as soon as I fixed my husbands breakfast and told him all about it again and again. I didn’t find anything on top of the hill other than the fresh dirt and tracks made by the bulldozier and trac hoe working to clean up an old oil well site.

I live south of Seminole, in a heavily wooded area.

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