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Sacramento MUFON Meeting JUNE 26, 2010

MUFON Sacramento
By Shirley Wheeler
Secretary, Pro Tem
MUFON Sacramento

Cynthia Siegel      The meeting was opened by Cynthia Siegel who made announcements of upcoming speakers. She said that Mary Barr, hypnotherapist, will offer FREE sessions to our group respectively. She circulated the latest MUFON journal and a booklet of flyers showing previous speakers and their topics. She also passed out The UFO TV catalogue, which contains a plethora of videos and DVDs relating to the paranormal. Additionally, she made a petition available to sign, which dealt with Chem-Trails, along with Conspirator-Con order forms.

New people were introduced: Devlin Rugne, who has just moved to the Stockton area from Oregon where she was Chief Investigator; and Vivian Walker who has begun photographing orbs and who will be a future presenter showing some of her photos.

Janice StorkEarth is Not My Home By Janice StorkFollowing the introductions and associated pleasantries, Cynthia introduced the speaker of the day, Janice Stork, who is the Author of the books The Earth Is Not My Home and Footprints of the Capitol Astrologer; while a legislative aide for the state, Mrs. Stork was influential in getting the practice of Astrology legalized.

Janice opened her remarks with the statement that it takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak in front of people because of the ethereal nature of her experiences. Her ‘spirit guide’ has, I gather, advised her to become involved with MUFON, which she acknowledged she had little knowledge of until she saw Shirley Wheeler on a local TV program. She added that on attending her first MUFON meeting, her guide advised her to sit next to Mary Barr, who subsequently agreed to do a regression for Janice, but she did not reveal the results of that session.

Janice also speaks of channeling to (or through) an ET, who explained to her that they were here to travel about the world and attempt to unify its people – in hopes of eliminating strife and war? (Something most of us wish for, I’m sure).

Janice wrote her book, The Earth Is Not My Home, at the demand of her spirit guide, saying that until she did so she had never fully understood the extent or purpose of her involvement with UFOs. She feels that writing her book has allowed her to grow spiritually and to develop her psychic abilities.

While an aide for the state, Janice met a psychic who told her that she (Janice) had once lived on a different planet and made the statement “I want to go home” which Janice feels pertains to her also. It was about this time that she began to realize that the stories of UFOs, ET, etc. were true; that there are many on this planet that feel as if it is not ‘home’ to them.

At Easter time in 1997 she was in Palmdale, Ca., and, walking across little hills of sand, was instructed by her guide to draw the symbols of two arrows, one pointing upward, the other down and enclose them in a circle, then raise her hands, palm outward to shoulder level. Her hands were throbbing and she was then told why ET’s are here. The triangle formation so often described in sightings was EXPLAINED AS THE Earth being at the top and two other galaxies to complete the triangle; but there was no specific reason why.

She was also told some of what ETs are like; that they use mental communication and are constantly connected to each other so that they know when another ET is in trouble or has expired. She speaks of the ‘sound’ of a spaceship. She told of watching two silver ships circling one another near Watt and Fair Oaks in Sacramento , saying that they made figure eights and that she watched them for some time.

The last part of her talk was devoted to explaining the astrological charts she had passed out. She said making and studying such charts could predict events.

The message of her speech seems to be that one can contact ETs through astrology and other psychic means, and learn from them how to improve life here on Earth.

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