Monday, June 14, 2010

MY ALIEN EXPERIENCE: "What is Worse is That it is Happening To Other Members of My Family!'

My Alien Experience
Reader Submitted Report
Edited To Preserve Confidentiality

     I don't know that I am ready to share my experiences with just anyone at this point. It is very personal and very disturbing. All I know from what I have researched on what happened to me and is still happening is that there is a good probability that i have had contact with something.

What is worse is that it is happening to other members of my family They live with me and I feel horrible that because they came to stay with me, that they are targeted in some way. What I would like to know is if there are any kind of support group or forum where I can talk with other people who may have shared my experiences.

I feel very alone right now, and I don't know where to turn. I did do a report through mufon, and I received several calls, one from the assistant regional director who wanted to meet me in person. I did not meet him. I feel violated by what is going on, and I just didnt feel comfortable about it at the time. I do not know if he has had any personal experience. I really want to talk to someone who has. Someone who might understand. I have kept my mouth shut for almost thirty years and I feel like I have to talk to someone about it. I never even shared anything with my own family.

My family member approached me on things that were happening to her and another family member and I almost went to my knees. I then had to tell the family member about me. Please understand, I am a xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx, I have a xxxxxx xxxxxxx, my reputation in my community is impeccable. I cannot be too loud about my experiences, in my profession my reputation is everything. I dont want people thinking I'm a nutjob . . .. Thats why I can only share my experiences with people who have had similar. They will understand. Any information you can help me with would be much appreciated. Thank You. Please do not disclose my name or personal info.

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