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Blasphemy will get you Stoned

Blasphemy will get you Stoned
By James Carrion
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© 6-30-10

James Carrion     It has been interesting to read the various reactions from those inside the circus tent of Ufology to the formation of the Center for UFO Truth. It is reminiscent of the protests and admonishments I received at my presentation at the 2009 Crash Retrieval conference on “Russian Espionage and UFOs” where despite showing authenticated documented evidence to back up the statements I made, some individuals simply could not bring themselves to accept my theory as a possibility. It was also at that conference that I realized that presenting a human theory for the origin of UFOs at a UFO conference is tantamount to blasphemy.

I began to wonder what it would take to convince the circus visitors that the human deception theory was a possibility. More documentation? Better explanations? Enlisted experts? The more I thought about it, the clearer it became that NOTHING would convince someone whose mind is made up and who espouses a specific belief system.

Imagine I walked into a large Christian church on a Sunday morning and announced at the pulpit that Jesus Christ did exist, but did not resurrect from the dead because I had scientific proof – the authenticated bones of the dead Christ. The ensuing outraged uproar would be the same if I made a similar pronouncement in a Mosque about Mohammed.

Now of course there would be some critical minds already riding the fence of their own beliefs who would examine the evidence and at least consider it a possibility, but those whose beliefs are so thoroughly entrenched would not be tempted for a New York minute to even admit the evidence into their world view.

So it is no surprise that one prominent UFO journalist wondered who had let the fox in the hen house when I dared to question the sacred cow of Ufology – Roswell. How dare I as the director (at that time) of a National UFO organization question the unimpeachable event of the crash landing of an alien craft?

Even Stanton Friedman who decries the debunkers as vile for having their minds made up and being too lazy to do their own research pulled his own debunking tactic by dismissing my research and its possible connection to Roswell in an article in the January 2010 MUFON Journal. If even Stanton Friedman doesn’t have an open mind, then I fear that Ufology is doomed to choir practice and baptisms.

Now some have questioned why the focus of the Center for UFO Truth is so narrow and that trying to prove the human deception theory is itself inherently a preconceived belief. I have four words to answer that – “Show me the evidence”. In science you can propose whatever theory you would like as long as you are willing to back it up with evidence. When Copernicus proposed that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, he didn’t have to first explain celestial mechanics of the wider universe. He focused on one question – does the earth revolve around the sun or not – simple and unambiguous.

That is exactly what the Center for UFO Truth is focused on – a simple and unambiguous theory of human deception in the early days of UFOs. If CUT can unequivocally prove that United States and its allies hijacked the UFO theme for Cold War purposes and that Kenneth Arnold’s sighting and Roswell were part of this deception, through authenticated documents, rather than anecdotal evidence, then critical thinkers should take notice. If you are a staunch believer, don’t worry, CUT will not present evidence at your pulpit anyway.

Why are the early days of UFOs so important? Well it is simple - these early UFO events are the sacred cows of Ufology. If they are proven to be deceptions, then all UFO data collected to the modern day needs to examined through a different set of lenses. Critical thinkers will consider putting on a different pair of glasses. Believers will not think anything is wrong with their vision and will look the other way.

If CUT can not substantiate its theory, then it no longer remains a viable theory and can be discarded. To substantiate a theory requires hard work, and no amount of wishing it to be so, makes it a viable theory. So while CUT does its scientific homework, Ufology can continue its revival and convert as many souls as possible before CUT’s blasphemous efforts reach the ears of the unfaithful. Warning, heresy is afoot.

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