Monday, May 03, 2010

Ripping Blue Book a New One

Robert Hastings at The National Press club (Illustration)
By Billy Cox
De Void

     Billy CoxIn November 2007, a dozen pilots, ex-military and civilian, all with top-drawer credentials, from as far away as Iran and Chile, convened at the National Press Club in Washington to urge the U.S. to launch a long-overdue public research project into UFOs. After an extremely limited news-cycle convulsion, the event tapered off into oblivion because the media were still busy chortling over Dennis Kuncinich’s reluctant UFO eyewitness confession on national TV.

Kucinich, UFOs, unicorns, sea serpents, pull my finger — whatever.

So Robert Hastings knows what he’s up against. And he’s gone ahead and booked the National Press Club, anyway.

That’s where, on Sept. 27, the retired semiconductor lab analyst from New Mexico intends to play a little smash-mouth with the Air Force by giving its veterans a forum to tell the world how America can’t stop UFOs from snooping around — and, in some cases, disabling — its nuclear arsenal.

Did you get that? With the United States continuing to push for global arms-control agreements, Air Force whistle-blowers are ready to talk about how it can’t even secure its own WMD from a phenomenon the Pentagon has refused to acknowledge for 40 years.

None of this is new. Reports of UFOs idling over U.S. missile fields have filtered into the public domain for decades. In 2008, Hastings combined those accounts with his own research to produce a 600-page, bluntly titled book, “UFOs and Nukes.” He’s compiled stories from more than a hundred military veterans since the 1970s.

What’s new is this aggressive campaign to bring the eyewitnesses together under one roof. So far, seven have committed, including two former colonels. Should the media attend, the stories they’ll tell should rattle taxpayers — multiple ICBM shutdowns, security-team scrambles, ad hoc secrecy oaths, none of which made it into the Air Force sham called Project Blue Book. There’s even quasi-comic relief: One of the guys booked for the press conference was a geodetic surveyor who rolled his truck while attempting to flee a UFO at Malmstrom AFB.

Here’s the rub. Exactly how many veterans appear depends largely on money. Hastings has about a dozen willing to talk. He figures it’ll take $15,000 to accommodate them. He’s installed a PayPal button at his Web page. Another option: donating frequent flyer miles or checks to Robert L. Salas — UDP at P.O. Box 1075, Ojai, CA 93204.

Salas, a retired Air Force captain on duty as deputy missile combat crew commander at a Malmstrom silo when UFOs allegedly took more than half a dozen Minuteman warheads offline in 1967. Salas, who went public in on “Sightings” in 1995, says the fund is nonprofit, and that anything left over will be donated to charity.

“I’m under no illusions — I’ve been doing this since the 1970s,” says Hastings, who’s been lecturing on his research for almost 30 years. “There’s only so much a small group can do against the powers that be.”

From WWII fighter pilots on record about UFOs scouting the Hanford plutonium factory months before Hiroshima/Nagasaki in 1945, to reports of UFOs buzzing Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station (rumored to house nukes in its stockpile) as recently as 2009, Hastings says the database points in one direction: “This isn’t ancient history. It’s an ongoing thing. As long as nuclear weapons exist, it’s predictable that UFO events over nuclear sites will occur.”

There won’t be much wiggle room when Air Force eyewitnesses assemble in Washington. They’re either delusional, lying, or telling the truth. If they’re delusional, what were these security risks doing policing our nuclear stockpiles? If they’re lying, where’s the incentive? If they’re telling the truth, the scandal isn’t in what happened, but in the cover-up.

And if the media doesn’t bother to hear them out, the scandal spreads exponentially.

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