Friday, May 28, 2010


Recent Sightings in California & Arizona

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     Good Evening -

I just saw a UFO...the horses spooked and my dog was running at something and kept barking. I went outside and looked and then ran back in for my gun...there was something white around the horses stall. I came back out and it was gone...I went to the back of the house and saw a saucer like object with red lights running around the middle - it was yellowish and seemed to descend into what the Navajo call Devil's Mesa - It took place this evening between 9:46 and 9:50...I tried to take pictures of the descent but nothing on the digital camera - sorry -

with respect

Xeee Xxxx
Greasewood, Arizona

Reader Submitted Report

     5/27/2010 around 9 pm PDT Malibu Canyon/Calabasas Los Angeles ,
California USA

Tonight-- bright star like object but at least 5x the size of any star
that I have ever seen. and brighter than any star ever. My husband
pointed it out to me. It pulsated and twinkled (scintillated) . We
looked at it both with naked eye and binoculars and it was not moving
it was for sure not a plane or helicopter or satellite. It was so
bright even with the full moon out tonight. We went down 45 minutes
after watching it and it was GONE.

Anyone else see this?

Thanks so much!

Xxxxxxx Xxxxx

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I just posted this today after getting bak in touch with the other witnesses 12 years after it happened...

    Heey!! Am looking forward to catching up with you, Dave and much to say...listen...I have a very important question...matter of life or death...your brother, bless his heart, says (and it adds more mystique) he wants to tell me in person...that night when we went up Piuma Canyon in Calabasas and had the drum circle under the full moon, when we had that group experience..Me, Kacey, You, Kevin, Dave and some other hippie broads...what did you see? I drove UP after I heard something walking up that steep ass hill at the concrete pull of where we were playing. You went over and looked, after I heard a bipedal walking literally vertically towards us cuz of the steepness (grade) of the looked over where I was sitting and said "What the fuck?" and then I remember a sort of group hysteria set in as we all got the hell in the car with me behind the wheel...

    I drove UP...slowly, silently with no one saying a word...and then when we drove past the pull off (where there was a lamp), I did not look and drove...slowly....Dave looked. Did you? What do you remember?

    For the past 12 years I thought Dave said he saw a three fooot chimpanzee in a silver jumpsuit holding a gleaming rubics cube....(I know Im nuts....) but just last week Dave told me it was a Demon/Gargoyle...but wont go into details...hell tell me in person...

    Kacey and I went to report it after doing research where to..we found something called MUFON which was some kind of civillian network that documents sightings...Kacey said that she saw a flash of light in the sky and then something fall to earth before I heard it walking on two feet towards us...

    Even weirder...weeks later, in plain daylight...Kacey and I went to El Capitan state beach, and were drinking Oregon Honey-beers twenty two ouncers, and where about 200 feet up in some cliffs overlooking the shore. Then we saw a 'silver suitcase' parallel to our eve-level, floating slowly following the coastline, as if mapping it....we are bonded by this and so much more...let me know your impressions...I am working on an important essay/story on what we saw...

    Peace Man, miss you brother...



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