Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Army Declares Flying Disk Found!


  1. Notice how they don't say "alien spacecraft" anywhere in there. Absolutely consistent with something unusual but of obviously earthly manufacture.

    I love it when you UFO nuts undercut your own positions like this. Keep bringing on the "evidence"!

  2. Scott,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment; however I would argue that there is nothing "obvious" or indicative of the "origin of manufacture" re the The Flying Disk in the a fore mentioned article.

    Moreover, since the article made no reference as to what the object was, making note of what wasn't in the article (alien spacecraft) is nonsensical; for example, there was no mention of "baseballs" or "bubble gum" either.

    On a more salient point, when the Trinity Test took place two years earlier (July 16, 1945) the newspaper reports to that event had "no mention" of an atomic bomb test; there was no mention of a test of any sort, nor the danger associated with it; for that matter the "cover story" was that an ammo dump blew up--a blatant lie.

    Finally, like you I can't help but chuckle when one's preconceived notions impedes the thought process and or one's objectivity.


  3. Way to go Frank! I love how you can dig up these newspaper clippings that most of us have never seen, or were published before we were even born!
    As for the Mr. Hamilton's post: I love how UFO 'condescenders' enjoy this website and your tireless efforts to educate both sides of this ominous fence. Your counter-post says at all, objectively-subjectively speaking.Of course, Mr. Hamilton, in being picky, did not notice that Lt. Hault's first name was incorrect (it's 'Walter' not Warren) and surname was misspelled in that article (Haught), just to be observant (picky) myself. This goes to show how newspapers (and other forms of media) not only leave out certain important information, yet also misspell something as important as a person's correct name. At least they got 'flying disk' correct, and how many flying disks did the world of 1947 have, Mr. Hamilton? Zero. Check your aircraft history: you cannot condemn nor condone without first doing the research!


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