Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What If The Aliens are Not From Other Planets?

The Cryptoterrestrials By Mac Tonnies
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 2-8-10

Mac Tonnies      If ET is here, as many Ufologists believe—are they really coming from other planets outside of our solar system, as is the common view amongst ETHers? This was the question that young Mac Tonnies, author, blogger and “outside of the box thinker” not only pondered, but framed as his thesis for the book he was working on when he passed away prematurely at the tender age of 34.

Fortunately, with a little help from his friends, that work and said dogma will be explored in The Cryptoterrestrials, (Anomalist Books) coming out next month.

Close friend, author & paranormal investigator, Nick Redfern writes in the forward:
“If evidence for the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis has failed to surface—despite decades of hard work and diligent investigations—then maybe we should consider the notion that we are looking for the answers in all the wrong places. Instead of looking up, maybe we should be looking around us. And, perhaps, even below us, too.”
In the afterward, yet another buddy (and respected researcher, author etc.) Greg Bishop writes:
“This book is an honest pursuit of ideas that might lead to some greater understanding of the paranormal and the existence of an apparent non-human intelligence…Mac Tonnies cuts through much of the self-satisfied, bloated fundamentalist fat of the last fifty years with the deft touch of a surgeon and the encyclopedic knowledge of a veteran.”
Anyone who’s ever heard Mac speak or read any of his penscript quickly appreciates his intelligence and articulation, as well as his thought provoking skills in putting pen to paper. This final tome I’m sure will not only be a tribute to the man, but an example of Mac’s “lateral thinking” and his approach to the paranormal in general and Ufology specifically.

Although, I have no doubt of the future success of the book, in my mind I can think of no better homage to pay Mac, then to delve into the pages of his last work and by default his psyche.

For more on the book and how to get your copy visit Anomalist Books.

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