Friday, February 26, 2010

UFO NEWS: Exclusive Exposé of Ongoing Paranormal Activity in Oregon Forests ; Part II Tonight On The Joiner Report

Angelia & Randell Joiner
The Joiners DON’T Know What They Saw, Part 2

By The Joiner Report

     The Joiner Report version of We DON’T Know What We Saw will continue on Friday, Feb. 26. If you missed the first report on Feb. 19 when Angelia interviewed Jamie McDowell ( about her encounter at an Oregon location, then be sure and listen to the archive so you will be up to date.

Jamie describes mysterious balls of light, a vibration on her back, and some sort of energy hitting her camera making it inoperable, which also knocked her and the camera operator to the ground. Jamie talks very candidly about her experience, which led her to counseling and profoundly impacted her life.

In the fall of 2008, Angelia Joiner called Jamie to get her “take” on what was occurring in the region. After speaking with Jamie and others involved, Angelia and her husband Randell decided to make the trip to investigate. They encountered something neither of them could explain in the same Oregon location as Jamie. Up until now, the couple has only shared this event with close friends.

Angelia and Randell will describe what it was they saw to Frank Warren of UFO Chronicles and leave you the listener to draw your own conclusions.

Tune in Friday, Feb. 26, 9-10 p.m. CST, to the UFO Paranormal Radio Network; Click on one of three buttons for the live broadcast.

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