Sunday, January 24, 2010

Video: Balloon Boy Mom Confesses Hoax with Details, Contrary To Lies of Balloon Dad


     Despite her husband's claims to the contrary, Balloon Boy mom Mayumi Heene repeatedly confessed that the family staged the hoax to boost their prospects in reality TV.

Video recordings of the interviews conducted by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office with Mayumi Heene disprove the claims made by her husband, Richard, during his media blitz before he began serving his 30-day jail sentence.

The videos, obtained by the Coloradoan on Friday through the Larimer County District Attorney's Office, show Mayumi Heene telling investigator Bob Heffernan that she and her husband decided to report their 6-year-old son Falcon was aboard a UFO-shaped helium balloon.

"Richard and I agreed to it, so it was mutual," Mayumi Heene told Heffernan after she was told she failed a lie detector test she willingly took.

Both Richard and Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty in November to lying to authorities in connection with the Oct. 15 incident. Mayumi Heene received a lesser sentence, in part because she confessed and cooperated, prosecutors said.

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