Thursday, January 28, 2010

Full Disclosure: I Quit

Obama Disclosure
By Billy Cox
De Void

Billy Cox     It’s hard to know how to respond to the oracular screed spattered onto the Internet Saturday by Exopolitician Alfred Webre. Imagine being cited by name as “smoking gun” evidence that the White House press corps is systematically filtering out UFO questions that could reach administration officials. Especially when nobody reads De Void anyway. I mean, how cool is that?

Cliff Notes: In late 2008, lobbyist Stephen Bassett urged visitors to his Paradigm Research Group Web site to join his “Million Fax On Washington” campaign requesting the White House Correspondents Association to ask the new regime about UFO transparency. Curious about how many phone calls, e-mails, faxes, etc., the stenographers club had received, De Void dropped a couple of voice messages and e-mails on the Association last year. Nobody called back. Which kinda sucked, but De Void eats rejection for breakfast.

Then. Saturday night. Webre (Bassett’s cohort and author of an “Exopolitics” manual explaining how Earthlings can change their ways to join the galactic federation) lurches into his latest conspiracy binge, using the “White House Press Association’s” non-replies to “Billy Cox of the St. Petersburg Tribune” and the “Sarasota Times” to prove the fix is in.

OK. This is pedantic, I know. But I have just one employer. The Herald-Tribune. It’s in Sarasota. And it’s not the “White House Press Association” — as Webre reported seven times Saturday night. It’s the White House Correspondents Association. No biggie. We all make misteaks.

But the man who has accused New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson of being “an employee of a secret CIA extraterrestrial liaison program,” and President Obama of being “a lifelong U.S. intelligence asset,” got most everything else right.

I have indeed, as Webre alleges, shown my “lack of bona fides as a disclosure reporter” for ignoring “secret U.S. government teleportation and time travel programs,” and NASA rover photos showing “the surface of Mars is a fragile post collapse ecology teeming with species of humanoid and animal life,” as well as “U.S. bases on Mars, interacting with a known Martian human civilization living underground.”

Dude? Seriously? All I wanna know are things like why the military refuses to release its radar data for colossal UFO events like Stephenville, Tex., in 2008. And why, in this post-9/11 universe, the media plays dead when F-16s chase a bogey without a transponder as it beelines for George W. Bush’s ranch.

So, Alfred: I hereby relinquish my disclosure credentials to “a wave of genuine whistleblowers, a popular groundswell, and transformational, ethical journalists who understand and conceptually own the importance of the evidence” you’ve gathered. The “Million Fax On Washington” story is all yours now. Go get ‘em, tiger. I’m done.

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  1. I saw my first ufo 40 some years ago and it changed my life! The U.S. Gov has had them for 40+ years, but my point is what is this technology worth? Billions,Trillions,or just absolute power, rumor has it that the tr-3b can travel to the moon in 9minutes,what if you could reach down and just pick up a diamond or as we know mine H3 which is said to be in abundance there what would the technology be worth then ,the ceo of martin skunkworks said on his death bed that we are already traveling to the stars,and the people are kept in absolute darkness about this technology. how long are the people going to be held back by a few individules who want ablolute power,my though is we string a few up and maybe we will get to the bottom of all this :)


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