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12th Year Anniversary for the NICAP Web Site

By Francis Ridge

Francis Ridge The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) was formed in 1956, flourished through about 1970, and, as an organization with field investigators and consultants, declined gradually thereafter. See here.

December 15, 2009, marked the 12th year anniversary for the NICAP web site. Five years ago, in 2005, delineated the beginning of a major project that to this day probably stands as the most important tool on the NICAP website: The UFO Chronologies. And in 2009 we began the second major project, the new RADCAT, which is the re-issue and processing of all the radar cases in the Blue Book files and elsewhere. By the end of the year we had processed 134 cases. Neither of these projects, nor many of the others found on the NICAP site, could have been possible without the help of the A-Team, in particular with the new RADCAT and member, Martin Shough.

In the fall of 2005 we began a major update of Richard Hall's NICAP UFO Sighting Chronologies. In nothing short of a crash program we produced qualitative and quantitative summaries for the most important years in UFO history: 1947-1952. By the end of 2006 we had drastically updated (with links to detailed key cases) from pre-1947 to 1969. That total group emcompassed the Air Force Project Blue Book years and the BB files. In January 2007 we established the goal to update the remaining chronos at a rate of one per month, beginning with 1970. In July of that year we were able to add hundreds of foo-fighter sightings to the WWII period with the help of Keith Chester. The plan was to have all the chronos up and updated by March 15, 2010. We're proud to announce that we were able, with the help of our A-Team member, Don Johnson, to complete the chronos up to present day. As Brad Sparks will tell you, if you are looking for anything important (sightings or events or dated documents), these chronos are the definitive source.

There have been millions of UFO sightings, but bonified UFOs are more rare. We have on record, a hundred-thousand-plus sightings on computer (UFOCAT). In addition we have massive evidence in the form of 11 different Categories:
  • Category 11 - 3,000-plus sightings from aircraft by Dr.Richard Haines) and over 200 cases listed on the NICAP site.
  • Category 10 - Over 200 cases involving a nuclear connection,several radiation injury cases, plus incidents from Robert Hastings files.
  • Category 9 - Over 500 radar cases, many radar/visual. 363radar cases, 76 as R/V (USAF records alone, Dominique Weinstein). 230 incidents are listed on the NICAP site (Cat 9). The new RADCAT Project is in the process of obtaining supportive documents and evaluating these incidents.
  • Category 8 - Photographic Evidence. 9,300 cases by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and the Anomaly Foundation).
  • Category 7 - Humanoid Cases (hundreds) and Abduction Reports.
  • Category 6 - Over 5600 Physical Trace cases documented, 4104 involving UFO visual sightings (CUFOS).
  • Category 5 - Medical Cases. Being compiled.
  • Category 4 - Over a hundred cases of UFO sightings involving animal reactions on the NICAP site alone by Joan Woodward.
  • Category 3 - E-M Effects. Over 500 cases associated with UFO sightings (CUFOS) and 185 E-M cases documented involving UFOs near aircraft (Dr. Richard Haines). 250 listed on the NICAP site.
  • Category 2 - Hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent close encounters by credible observers whose testimony in court would be taken at face value.
  • Category 1 - Probably millions of reports of nighttime objects (Nocturnal Lights) or daylight objects seen at a distance.

About 1500 (701 originally) UNKNOWNS listed in Project Blue Book files (Brad Sparks).

The NICAP site is the number one source of the best evidence and covers material from the dawn of the UFO age, over a half century ago. If you would like to participate in email discussions on CURRENT ENCOUNTERS or file information, please email me at:

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