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Using Your Own Common Sense in UFO Investigations

Stan Romanek Point Counterpoint with James Carrion Vs Rick Nelson
By Rick Nelson
Paranormal Research Forum

In response to posting 11-7-09 titled “My Response To Rick Nelson’s Unsubstantiated Personal Attacks”

Rick Nelson     I attack UFO investigation practices that cause damage to credible UFO/ET experiences and disclosure.

Millions of websites openly present an overwhelming amount of credible information on the UFO/ET presence. How can anyone claiming to seriously look into the matter have problems accepting it? When anyone seriously looks into the matter of UFOs they realize that there is more than enough information for not only serious consideration but for confirmation of this reality. The next logical consideration is to determine who is piloting these craft and why are they here.

As a skeptic of the UFO phenomena most of my life I have begrudgingly come to accept it as a reality. This is based on my many personal sightings and experiences in addition to working with many UFO/ extraterrestrial experiencers, government personal, military personnel, scientists and others intimately involved in such matters. I personally have no more need to stay at the UFOs 101 level. I no longer spend my time wondering if one of those things in the sky could possibly be a real UFO. I’ve witnessed enough of them both day and night, mostly around Stan Romanek to know without a doubt that both UFOs and ETs are real. I’ve also had enough personal communication with scientists, astronauts, military/ government personnel, airline pilots and others of similar standing providing absolute confirmation to what I’ve discovered on my own.

I now devote the majority of my life to better understanding the extraterrestrial reality and bring this information to the forefront for the benefit of the public and humanity as a whole. As one would expect it is extremely complex and very time consuming to investigate and take meaningful effective action on.

I had to laugh at Mr. Carrion’s recent comment about my being a “self appointed” investigator. Every person had better become a self appointed investigator and researcher in these matters. The public in our culture has been “dumbed down,” allowing organizations and individuals do our review and thinking for us. No one has all the answers. In my investigations I’m open minded, objective, cautious, discerning and avoid leaping to conclusions or forming opinions too quickly.

Mr. Carrion claims that my investigative judgment might be clouded by my friendship ultimately developed with the Romanek family through my investigations and research. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen few inconsistencies that remain unexplainable in the Romanek case. The sheer volume of personal experiences I have had with and around Stan Romanek is staggering. After multiple personal confirmations of high strangeness and seeing how these are dealt with (and NOT dealt with) by all authorities I have befriended the Romanek family. Someone needs to defend these victims from debunker attacks including those by Mr. Carrion.

Mr. Carrion has implied Stan Romanek faked reports filed on the (NUFORC) National UFO Reporting Center website. He suggests that they were written by Stan not by “real” people. Please review confirmation of the witness reports (see posting addendum titled James Carrion…Will you wave the white flag…) regarding one of the many sightings from the individuals who originally reported them. Carrion has tried to use this misconception to discredit the Romanek experiences. These are the facts Mr. Carrion. These are real UFO reports from real people having real UFO experiences. You could have simply asked for the information before publically launching an attack on Stan Romanek’s information and character based on incorrect assumptions confirmable with a simple request.

The detailed focus on a minor number of isolated facts inconsistent with an enormous amount of indisputable facts has to give anyone pause to consider the abilities or objectives and motivation of the individual focusing on such flaws ignoring the obvious supported by dozens of unexplainable events at different times involving dozens of credible witnesses.

I have found certain actions and conduct by Mr. Carrion in this matter inappropriate, unprofessional and in some instances inexcusable. For more than a year I have quietly listened to the majority of MUFON members I know, and I know a lot of them from around the country, share their concerns about Mr. Carrion’s activities. This is such highly unusual rumblings from extremely credible individuals within such a large organization that I couldn’t ignore it.

There comes a point when every individual has to stand up and call a spade a spade. I’m standing up Mr. Carrion and publically saying, “Develop some healthy ethics and do the right thing or get the heck out of the way of those who are trying to.” There’s far too much at stake for humanity to let a “so-called” watchdog attack victims and contribute to UFO cover-ups.

In a recent radio broadcast Mr. Carrion stated that Lisa Romanek lied about a detail of a meeting she was at with Mr. Carrion and her husband Stan. Anyone who knows Lisa has absolutely no question about her integrity and complete commitment to speak only the truth even when it is personally embarrassing, difficult or painful. To me this is not acceptable conduct by anyone’s standards and I won’t let this kind of conduct go unchallenged. I know of, and openly defend, Lisa Romanek’s honesty, intelligence, memory and integrity.

Experiencers don’t need to have their family members subjected to aggressive personal character attacks. Is this how MUFON now deals with people having these traumatic experiences? All of the Romanek family members, including the kids, have had to deal with ridicule, break-ins, even multiple life threats and more while continually being subjected to the trauma of ongoing Twilight Zone type experiences in their own home with no source to turn to for comfort, relief or understanding.

There are a few items comprising a very small percentage of the Romanek experiences that are inconsistent with an overwhelming number of events strongly implying human/extraterrestrial interaction. The misspelling of the word follow as “fallow” on the Schriever Air Force Base letter is one of those exceptions. This however is exactly the type of evidence government agencies easily, and routinely, plant to discredit anything that starts to become a threat to the UFO cover-up. Any investigator knows this is a possibility that can’t be overlooked. Is this what happened?...I don’t know. I consider this is a definite possibility when held in check by the rest of the evidence and ongoing eyewitness accounts. I also did a Google search for the word “fallow”. After identifying over 40 sites referencing “fallow” as a commonly misspelled word I quit searching.

Why hasn’t Mr. Carrion’s methodology and actions been reigned in by the Board? Are these personal attacks on victims of UFO/ET encounters and this conduct by Mr. Carrion supported by the Board? If Mr. Carrion’s conduct isn’t corrected or he isn’t replaced by the MUFON Board soon I would be very surprised. I have no doubt any experiencer would agree that so called UFO investigators don’t need to be further traumatizing a painful life experience of these victims.

The dozens of individuals I know in the MUFON organization are very sincere and genuinely want to get the most compelling information out to the public. Watching Mr. Carrion bash some of the best cases available while not promoting the majority of credible facts and information confirming the fact that unexplainable events are happening is very confusing to say the least.

Continual focusing on isolated and inconsistent forensic details are tactics used by attorneys and politicians taking the focus away from the obvious questions about the facts and questions. I weigh ALL the facts and evidence together including any contrary or inconsistent evidence and then ask the BEST questions to get to the bottom of the matter.

What makes it so personally frustrating is its taking time away from the critical more advanced investigation and research I’m involved with. It’s a shame I take the time to deal with someone going out of their way to look for problems and shine a spotlight on isolated appearing flaw in an otherwise amazingly compelling active and ongoing case of human/ extraterrestrial interaction.

Mr. Carrion had contacted me last year requesting that I ask Stan to permit Mr. Carrion to investigate Stan Romanek’s experiences. Based primarily on the recommendations of more than a dozen (yes, that many) MUFON members I have interacted with it was suggested to me that Stan steer clear of Mr. Carrion and simply tell the world of his personal experiences. Stan openly admits he doesn’t know what has been happening to him but it’s what’s happening to him.

I have tolerated this undermining conduct and behavior in my government, our courts and media and am now living with the painful results along with my fellow citizens. I will not stand for this same behavior from individuals “claiming” to be truth seekers or representing any organization with a stated purpose of looking for the UFO/ extraterrestrial truth. The TRUTH is UFOs ARE real, the extraterrestrials are a reality, the cover-ups are real and its time people in the UFO/ extraterrestrial arena get on with it and stay focused on getting to the bottom of all these matters; not spending precious time and resources trying to focus on details that are explainable.

Our attorneys, politicians, big economic interests, government and the media are masters at manipulating details and facts to create the perception and illusion they want to sell. Former Director of the CIA William Colby publically stated "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." I recognize this wherever I see it and I clearly recognize this sort of conduct here. As personally painful as this is for me I will have to ignore political correctness and standard institutional decorum by saying “I’ve had enough”, enough of the misdirection, mis-focus and misinformation. Its time everyone start using their common sense again. Those that convincingly direct us down a dark alley are responsible for the continued deception, confusion and suppression.

I will continue this fight to disclose the greatest of truths about the UFO’ET reality despite Mr. Carrion’s activities for as long as it takes. I will no longer accept inappropriate conduct undermining the exposure of the extraterrestrial reality from within our own UFOlogy ranks. Mr. Carrion can do his best to suggest credibility shortcomings of Mr. Romanek’s experiences. I know, and have experienced, far more involving Mr. Romanek’s experiences and can state without any hesitation he and his family have been experiencing an overwhelming amount of highly unexplainable and difficult activity for a number of years now.

I am comforted in the fact that as we move forward Mr. Carrion’s mis-focus and the credibility of Stan Romanek’s experiences will both be apparent shortly. I prefer to be on the side of the “Big Truth” about the UFO/ ET phenomena.

By his actions he’s more of a debunker. Rather than focus on the best evidence and use that as a foundation Mr. Carrion continually focuses on the flaws. Nearly ANY case studied has flaws and inconsistencies. Anyone following Mr. Carrion’s public presentations has to recognize that he spends more time debunking than building on, and promoting, the most credible events.

I originally had concerns about Mr. Carrion’s methodology but the more I review his public presentations the more I see the pattern of debunking. I couldn’t think of a better way of delaying public UFO/ET disclosure than to profess being a capable investigator but actually devote their time and attention on explainable problems and flaws of cases instead of deciphering what can be gleaned from the undeniable events. Common sense tells me when I see these kinds of consistent actions I look more at the motivations rather than the story that is being promoted. This disturbing pattern is becoming too obvious to be ignored.

Galileo, Tesla and others were self appointed investigators and researchers that were constantly attacked by organizations claiming to be “experts” working at finding scientific flaws. Most large discoveries have always been made by “self appointed” individuals driven with good powers of observation and discernment for greater understanding. I’m here to learn by building on the most compelling and significant evidence moving to the next step of discovery and understanding.

I don’t claim to be an expert on all UFO matters but in regards to Stan Romanek’s experiences I know I can speak with far more authority than Mr. Carrion. I’ve had access to far more information, materials, and witnesses also supported by a great number of firsthand experiences that defy any explanation by anyone’s standards.

If we continue to rely on organizations and institutions to do our thinking and processing for us, especially in matters of this profound significance, we’re just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

How many countries have to release their UFO files to lend credibility? How many countries, military and insider government personnel have to openly admit their personal involvement and knowledge about these matters? Seriously, think about it. The Disclosure Project alone provides more than enough credible information from hundreds of extremely credible individuals willing to lay their reputations, careers and family ridicule, if not their life, on the line to disclose the truth about these matters. Why not just assimilate and deliver the truth that’s readily available on the internet?

In summary, the witness reports ARE genuine, the “fallow” misspelling is explainable and its time people do their own objective investigating, research and thinking. Human evolution depends on it!

Everyone on this planet has a great deal to learn from the Romanek experiences. Use your own common sense and discernment.

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  1. As this back and forth bantering continues with James Carrion, I am surprised that no one has expanded on the fact that James Carrion is Military Intelligence! Dose this not send up any red flags for you people! Why is someone like this in charge of MUFON, and why would someone in military intelligence waste their time and work so hard to try to debunk any case, unless there is something more going on! Snap out of it people! Someone needs to expose James Carrion for what he is!


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